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Adept I

HDR video recording with AMD Software


does AMD Software Adrenalin support HDR video recording? What I have recorded so far does not look like HDR. Everything is extremely dark and colorless. I am using Win11 with a 6800XT and HVEC as output. Screen is an LG OLED. What is AMD Relive, I think it is only for older cards.

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Journeyman III

Nah it currently doesn't support it. I am having the same darker and colorless video problem too. I kinda want to blame the new update that released RSR. Before that my videos were never dark. I'm going to download older drivers and see if that fixes anything

Too bad, no official answer from AMD or a roadmap. I looked at the video files with MediaInfo. Recording is not in 10 bit color depth and no BT.2020. Definitely no HDR. Question to AMD > is there something palnned and when?

Wow, no answer from them?

It is official not supported.

NV just added it them self in shadoplay this year.

Same problem hete, new 6800xt user.

Adept I

Yes, implementing this should not be a big deal. Nvidia has had it for 2 years now. With OBS, HDR recording is possible. Only with some games it does not work for example Destiny 2. HDR recordings should be standard in 2023. Go AMD we wait.