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HDR Turning On (on a monitor that does not support it)???

I am using a Samsung CFG73 that does not support HDR but for some weird reason some games activate HDR settings in Windows 10 1903. Ashen for the pc turns on HDR and when I exit the game my monitor is dim and colors are all washed out. I have to switch HDR on or off or off or on to reset my color back. This is using the latest drivers on AMD's website. So messed up, I am using a Sapphire Nitro + 5700xt  hooked to my monitor by display port. If I switch to HDMI, HDR does not kick on when playing Ashen....

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If your Monitor or Television doesn't support HDR it is best to disable it in Windows Settings -Display:

Or you disable HDR entirely besides  just games and Apps.

I purchased a HDR Monitor and have a HDR enabled GPU Card. Messed up my Windows Desktop colors. Was forced to disable HDR completely. Just my own experience with HDR.

Thanks elstaci, but I have only one monitor attached to my computer and that is it and I did that step you showed but when I launch Ashen it kicks in HDR mode automatically even when I have the HDR settings set to OFF including play HDR games and apps. Seems like the settings do not keep.....


Found this tech website that gives a lot of information concerning HDR: 

Does Ashen game have any settings on it to enable or disable HDR?

Does your Monitor have any settings where you can manually enable or disable HDR something similar in nature? 

If you Samsung doesn't support HDR then your games can't be running in HDR format on your TV. I read that there is something called FAKE HDR. : Developers fake HDR in games! – DoNotPreOrder.Blog 

Also this website: 

Downloaded your Television's Manual. This is what is says for settings in PC MODE - GAME:

Also download the latest Samsung Driver for your Television or Monitor from Samsung Support from here: Curved Gaming Monitor (CFG73 Series) | Owner Information & Support | Samsung US 

Open a AMD SERVICE REQUEST and see what they suggest from here: 

For your convience I have attached the Manual to the SAMSUNG CFG73 to this post for your to take a look at it. Maybe you can find a way to prevent the Monitor from emulating HDR.

Thanks for the Info elstaci!  Ashen does not have any settings to turn off or on HDR. I think it automatically activates it if it things you have an HDR monitor.