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Journeyman III

HDMI Sound cuts out from Media Players

So I needed to bring an i5 laptop to work that I have been using for a few years as a video streamer to my AV Reciever via DisplayPort/HDMI without major issues.

To replace it I bought a Dell Precision M6700 with an AMD FIREPRO 6100 Card off ebay and went about reloading everything.

After hooking it back to my TV through a fairly new AV Reciever it seems to output fine but occasionally the sound cuts out when watching videos played through ANY of my Media Players. >> Movies & TV, WMP, MPC-BE, or AcePlayer/VLC.

However it does not cut out while watching Xfinity TV streaming through Chrome Browser. This seems very odd to me.

At first I tried LAV Filters, then disabled. Changed from Displayport (which worked fine on old Lappy to HDMI Port) . Same thing.

I'm just running out of ideas. The cutout is occasional and just a second or so then 5-10 mins it's good, then repeat. But it's ANNOYING.

I just updated clean to Radeon 18.12.2 drivers today but same issue. Can't figure if it's a driver issue, a a Windows 10 issue or conflict, or some codecs I need to change. This is really frustrating as I enjoy watching concerts I've downloaded (not much of a gamer-sorry). Otherwise the video through HDMI to the TV is great.

I'm running an i7-3740QM @2.7GHZ

16gb Ram

The M6100 Card Shows as Radeon HD 7800M with the current driver. It's different than the last update on the Dell website. It's fairly old.

ANY ideas would be welcome. Thanks - JD

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Journeyman III

After multi-diagnostics and cleaning finally uninstalled the newer drivers completely and prevented windows from updating the device ID drivers after it installed generic drivers.

Then I went back to Dell site and installed the older device specific drivers. Noticed an improvement but not a complete solution. Eventually upgraded just the HDMI driver through Driver Booster with very little difference. Still better then originally.

Thought there might be some loose Port connections as there is some wear on the unit and at least one tricky USB Port. While the Display Port is slightly loose I don't think it's the issue.

Swapped the HDMI cable today and plugged it into a different Port on the AV unit and seems good or slightly better after a single cutout. Thinking of getting a newer HDMI cable with better specs just to try.

I think I'm down to either the HDMI or connections, a wear or abuse issue on the unit, or some driver conflict. Maybe I'm just too picky but as this is essentially my Home Theater Streaming Box I would like to have the audio work properly.

Still open to any suggestions.


Any Chance that you were able to completely resolve your issue? I am having a similar issue that is frustrating and mind boggling and only started a few months ago. I have my cable box connected to the in port of my Yamaha Soundbar.  It then goes out from there and into the HDMI/DVI port 1 on my tv.  TV HDMI 2 is an Xbox and TV HDMI 3 is a streaming media device.   An Optical cable for sound goes  from the TV to the soundbar.  I have tried plugging and unplugging every connection with no luck.  When I watch tv thru my cable box, the sound is perfect and the sound bar displays TV.  When I do anything via my media box or Xbox, the speaker displays “Media” and the sound cuts out regularly. It cuts out in varying patterns.  Short cut outs, long cut outs, long periods with no cutout.  Any help would be appreciated as it seems that something is interfering with the sound from my media devices and causing this!