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Adept II

HDMI Scaling bug, begin with driver 22.8.2 and now on 22.9.1

I have two displays main 1440p and extended TV 1080P. If TV is ON, when power ON PC, HDMI scaling don't work. Also don't work, if wake up PC from sleep, while TV is ON. If trigger GPU scaling or VSR on TV, then TV is redetected right size 4% HDMI scaling. This problem begin with driver 22.8.2 and now on 22.9.1 still exist. There is no such issue on 22.8.1 or recommend 22.5.1 version.

If PC start first and then power on TV, there is no issue. Also if restart PC and TV is ON there is no issue.

Workaround is to disable power option "Turn on fast startup". I hope this to get fixed.

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