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HDMI Scaling / 30FPS


What's going off with the scaling options?

Took me bloody hours to figure this out, stuck at 30FPS?

Eventually found threads regarding the HDMI Scaling reducing the FPS to 30FPS.

So bought the god damn Radeon VII to have the scaling options and resolutions missing which you couldn't create them anyway with the bugged driver, so just refunded it.

So now AMD drivers have scaling I stupidly bought the Radeon VII again thinking it would solve the issues.

Someone please help here, Ive done as much research as possible with many threads having no answer apart from autoscale the display which I don't have?

Thanks again.

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Journeyman III

Made an account just to say I'm upgrading my gpu from rx 580 not to big navi but to Nvidia 3070 or 80 this holiday season because of this issue. Pretty upsetting to come across an fps consequence I can do nothing about if I use hdmi...seeing this topic dead and has effectively crossed off amd gpus as an option for at least the next few years. I prefer to use my pc as a multimedia device in my living room from the comfort of my couch with wireless devices and you guys are forcing me to pull out my prehistoric monitor and desk, buy a new one just for 60 fps, or not go with a company that neglects this portion of their customers convenience. Good thing you guys make my preferred cpus or I wouldn't spend with amd at all for the next few hardware cycles. Sum up as of November 4th, 2020. Abandon all hope ye who enter here. (for this problem)


Still there nearly a year later, a complete shambles at AMD, Im looking for a new HBM2 GPU so waiting to see what's around the corner.

Scaling any display locks to 30FPS, AMD have a word.

Why have you not fixed this issue? Also the 6 series look like toys, just going to be the same as the 5 series issues with the auto downclocking.

Good job I refunded when I did back then, you would have drove me insane. 


GDDR6 is less expensive and it seems to be faster which bodes well for DDR4 and DDR5 platforms


HBM may be more expensive but gddr is trash.


Regardless, I would pay more for HBM, Nvidia has HBM, so why has AMD have the worse of this technology.


What a pisstake


Yeah, this is ridiculous.  The most work that's been done about this issue is adding it to the "Known Issues" portion of the release notes every driver release.  

I have a TV I use as a secondary monitor.  It needs 4%-5% HDMI scaling.  Technically, it needs 4.5% but, ya know... options, who needs them?  So, I can either have extra black around the sides or cut off some of the screen.

Either way, I can deal with that.  It's frustrating, however, to lose 5% of my image just so I can have 60fps.  

I know, I know.. no one cares.  But I'm done.  This ancient issue combined with your failure of a release (again) of GPU's and CPU's causing scalpers to do their thing and sell these new CPU's/GPU's on Ebay for 3x price after you assured everyone that stock wouldn't be an issue has tipped the scales for me.  Always have been an AMD guy for whatever reason.  Good times, bad times.  The "bad times" were more or less maybe equal performance for the same price or, really, a bit less performance.  


Anyways, as I said.. who cares?  I'm not waiting for an R7 5800x nor a 6700xt.  I'm not going to buy a new TV with DisplayPort just to get 60fps over a driver issue.  Guess I'm going to the dark side with the others.  But, I'm being serious, I know you don't care.  I don't even know why I'm saying it.  I know there'll be some robot human-like person that doesn't even know how to install drivers telling me I'm wrong.  Well, luckily I didn't say anything factually wrong.  Not even checking back here, this is it.  Good bye.  Hello Shintel 10700k and green company that loves to use their specialized physics and hair software that runs like crap on anything but their cards.  Even the hope of Vulkan being a big middle finger was squashed lol.  I knew not to be brand loyal.  I know not to be.  Dunno why I have been.

Volunteer Moderator

Well it's a known issue at least. Keep sending the reports to AMD and keep your fingers crossed.



I had to shout from the rooftops for AMD to even log the error on the Known issues tab, had my last warning on the forum, I've been on this forum for more than 10 years.

I don't understand what's taking so long to fix this issue? Its total shambles.

I noticed that you mentioned displayport, even that bugs out to 30FPS.

People do care, AMD don't care, but I do, others on this forum care, Hardcore cares, Kingfish cares.

I have tried my very best here, if you got some spare time please send this directly to AMD, has to be on some kind of priority list, more users send to AMD, the better.

The last working HDMI scaling is on the HBM series, anything after that, the HDMI scaling is bugged.


Its simple, I'll never buy an AMD graphics card again, and I wont recommend it to anyone either. Im from the beginning of this topic too. Never more


Just updated the drivers for HBM and now more features have been removed.

Any GPU you purchase gets worse through every driver update.


I made an account just to commend you pushing this issue. It's pretty ridiculous but good job, pal.

My old GPU handled HDMI scaling just fine at 60FPS. Can't even explain how disappointed I was to buy an RX560 only to find that scaling locks me at 30FPS, had to jerry-rig an HDMI>VGA converter as that's the only way to force my TV to use scaling fixes.

No matter what display someone uses, the bottom line is - any modern GPU should be able to handle proper HDMI scaling. I honestly can't believe this is still an issue years later...especially when other people have had success in fixing the issue via REGEdit back in 2015, however these last ditch solutions no longer work.

I've used AMD GPU's for years, but I will remember the disappointment in every future purchase I make.

Journeyman III

For me, the same choppyness/unsmoothness as 30 fps rendering would cause is also highly visible when using the Windows 10 UI in general, however this issue is gone when I set HDMI Scaling to 0%, but I require it to be at 4% for the overscanning to be gone.

Journeyman III

I also suffer from this problem with my RX 580, and I think it is an incompatibility between the drivers, the HDMI Scaling option AND the Vsync. My PC cap at 30 FPS, but if I deactivate Vsync while in full screen in a game, the game goes back to 60 FPS but with tearing.
Desktop Window Manager uses Vsync by default and I haven't figured out how to disable it, that's why the cap always persists in Windows.


11/14/2021 XD


Is there a fix for this?
I'm going crazy with 30fps or my screen extending the limits of my monitor.
It's been too long since this discussion started, how is it we don't have a fix by now?