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Journeyman III

Hd7850, adrenaline 20.11 black screen. Latest win10 update

Hi, I recently installed latest Win10 update and it resulted in glitchy display. I downloaded latest driver from amd site which is 20.11 and installed it, but midway windows crash with some error (didnt remember what) and quickly restarted.

After restart, it shows only black screen after the Windows logo load. Restarted my PC again and went into Safe Mode, disabling amd driver, and restarted. Now I can enter windows normally.

But if I enable the driver again, it goes black screen again. I've tried reseting windows + update to all latest and then installed 20.11, and bam, black screen. I've tried uninstaling in SafeMode, run DDU, restart and reinstall driver, but in each and every install, it will suddenly goes black screen midway through and no amount of waiting will change it.

I've spent a whole day and more trying to fix this, and I dont know what else to do that does not involve doing clean install of Win10.


Please help!!

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