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HD6970 - Win10 - Dual monitor forces crash

I have a Radeon HD6970 card on an older machine that's running Windows 10. It's been working fine until recently. I'll be doing something and then both screens will go black and the computer will essentially freeze. It sounds like it's restarting but it never does anything. If I unplug the second monitor I don't have this problem. 

What I've done thus far:

  1. Verified processor temps are around 130F.
  2. Ran RAM tests.
  3. GPU 0.9V - 109F - fans 1128RPM - graphics - 250MHz - memory 150MHz
  4. Completely uninstalled and removed video card
  5. Put card back in and installed Radeon Software Crimson Edition Beta for Win 10 64bit.
  6. Same problem when second monitor is plugged in.
  7. Did step 3 again
  8. Put card back in and installed Catalyst Software Suite for Win 10 64bit.
  9. Same problem when second monitor is plugged in.
  10. Did step 3 again.
  11. Did step 4 again.

I know this is an old computer, but it's still running great despite the current issue, which I think is down to a Windows update vs an actual problem with the card. 

Any thoughts on how to move forward here?


Mobo: Asus M4A785TD-V EVO

Chip: AMD Phenom II X4 965

RAM: 16GB (freshly tested and passed with zero errors)

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