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Journeyman III

HD 8330, latest working driver is 20.4.2 but yet installs newer drivers.

So for the last two years I've been using a Lenovo ThinkPad x140e as my daily driver.  Nice little machine and it works beautifully with World of Warcraft: Classic.  I've for the most part updated the drivers about every month, regardless if it's WHQL or optional until about the end of May.  Any driver past 20.4.2 has this interesting artifact issue that only occurs with WoW Classic in which areas with lots of doodads or graphics will repeatedly flicker black randomly.

I've already reported the issue using the feedback tool, added a video and all that.  Never got a response and it's been nearly six months.  Should I give up at this point and presume it is EoL and AMD hasn't changed the hardware IDs to compensate or is there a way to get someone to look into the bug.  I haven't gotten around to seeing if my R7 240 on my Dell Optiplex would have this issue but might have to when I get the chance.

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