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Adept I

HBCC Memory Segment and RAM UTIL in overlay

When displaying the Radeon overlay (Shift Control O), both GPU VRAM UTIL and RAM UTIL are shown. GPU VRAM UTIL is obviously the 8G built into the card. But, if I have the HBCC Memory Segment feature turned off in Wattman (19.9.2), should I be seeing 4G (approx) listed for RAM UTIL? I noticed that if I increased the HBCC Memory Segment and enable it, the RAM UTIL value increases, so I'm assuming that RAM UTIL is the amount of system ram used. But if I have that feature disabled, why am I seeing anything there? It's almost as though the card is grabbing 4G of RAM at all times and that you can't tell it to keep its hands to itself.

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Adept I

I had a brainstorm. The RAM UTIL in the panel has nothing to do with the graphics card using RAM. It's the RAM in use by whatever is using RAM at that particular minute. HBCC Memory Segment has nothing to do with the RAM UTIL in that box. This is further proof that there's no such thing as a stupid question; just stupid people asking questions.