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Journeyman III

Having Problem installing Adrenaline

I have made my own system with

Ryzen 3300x 

Msi Radeon Rx 5600 xt mech oc 6gb

Asus 320m-gaming


First time I finishied setting, it worked without any problem

But after reboot the system this morning.

The system didn't work, so I re-installed my windows

And of course, I tried to install drivers again

But whenever I try install Adrenaline drivers for GPU,

it breaks down.

Without any error code or message, it just breaks down. 

After seconds, system and windows reboot by it self.

But Windows can't boot its system properly, starting with automatic recovery mode.

(Not using English Windows, I don't know exact expressions for English)

I end up with re-install windows, and starting from very basic windows setting.

Everytime I install Adrenalin, my PC breaks down.

How can I escape from this evil loop?

I downloaded latest version of Adrenaline (and Drivers for Ryzen and motherboard) from official website of AMD.

And even tried some third party programs for Driver Setting (like steam driver boast, etc)

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