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Journeyman III

Having Adrenalin crashes my computer

So, ive gotten a RX 580 recently and ive bren having a lot of problems with it. Most of them have been fixed but theres one that still bugs me, every time i try to get the amd software Adrenalin my computer seems to crash as soon as i go into a game. Ive also noticed that if i dont have my fans blasting it does the same. Is there any way to fix this?

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Adept I

I had a similar issue with a 480 that was fixed by simply replacing the thermal paste.
In my case, the original thermal paste was covering like 2/3 of the CPU, the temperature was surprisingly not bad, so I assume that either the temperature sensor was full of BS or that some spot in the die was getting hot so fast that the card would crash before it have the time to show me that the temperature was high, unlikely, but I have no other explanation.

Also, not sure if they fixed things on 24.1.1 but on 23.12 the drivers/pc would crash by simply enabling stuff in AMD's Adrenalin > tuning (default values), testing older drivers 23.8 ~ 23.9 would magically fix the issue, so that something that you could try.


Ive changed the paste and its the same thing, havent tried going with 23.8 tho, ill try soon.


Jt seems that going to 23.8.1 fixed the problem, ive seen no crashes all day