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Adept I

Having a hard time getting my 7900x system stable

I upgraded my 3900x to a new 7900x system. I didn't know about the AM5 boot issues. I do know, so i am looking for a solution.


Asus Prime x670e wifi pro / 7900x / SN850 2TB / 2x32GB DDR5 6000Mhz g.skill

I am running the memory on EXPO I. EXPO II makes no difference. Also tried memory on AUTO and on 4800 and 5200.

I have set this options:

Ai tweakers - Dram Toming Control - Memory Context Restore = disable

Advanced - AMD CBS - UMC Common Options - Memory Context Restore = disable

AMD Overclocking - DDR and Infinity Fabric Frequency/Timings - Infinity Fabric Frequency and Dividers - UCLK DIV1 Mode - UCLK=MEMCLK. 

I am running BIOS 1813. Fast boot is ON, CSM is off. Secure boot is on.

The weird thing is Windows 11 is running no for 5 hours with crashing. But without network cable connected. The moment i insert the cable and the Updating/ driver download/install process begins the crash will soon follow.

Any ideas?

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