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Journeyman III

Harmful for CPU to lower minimum processor state?

The minimum processor state for Ryzens balanced power plan is set to 99% by default, can anyone explain why on earth it's so high compared to Windows own balanced power plan where it's set to 5% by default?

Could it be harmful for the CPU to lower the minimum processor state to maybe 20-25%?

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I have a Ryzen 3700X and I have the Minimum Processor state at 5% and Maximum at 100%.

I haven't seen any problems related to those settings on my computer.

All that means is that when the processor doesn't need to run at 100% it will run at the minimum 5% instead to save power. But when the CPU needs more power than it will automatically increase  the power up to the Maximum 100%.

Also if you minimum power state is 99% then your processor will be running hotter all the time.

This tech articles explains better:

Screenshot 2021-02-15 072732.png