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Journeyman III

hard system crash after updating to 22.3.1


i was wondering if anyone els have problem with computer hard crash when playing games after update  22.3.1

i was on the older version before and it never chrash but afetr update i can play about 30 min then hard crash i have updatet and i know i have a psu that can handle my card

my card is a xfx 6900xt ltd black edition adn the 2 game are the divison 2 and marvels guardian of the galaxies

other games no problem what i have tested this far...

temp is not over 85c in junk temp and the other is about 80c



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I´m currently on 22.1.2, since the later versions affected me on a RX 580.

I would suggest DDU + 22.1


I'm on 22.2.1 currently on Vega 64. Any drivers starting at 22.3.x were abysmal for me, buggy and introduced screen tearing on both games and video for no reason. Havent even thought of trying 22.4.x. Find a driver that works and stick with it for as long as possible.

well i did go back to 22.2.3 and did a DDU uninstall just to be sure but no succes  witch where stable for me before but it still hard crash and shutsdown  the computer




Then, as long as it´s not a temperature issue, you should underclock the GPU a bit with MSI Afterburner and find what numbers your GPU is stable with.