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Adept II

Hard freeze in Age of Empires IV with AMD Hardware

This is extremely frustrating. The game will hard lock / freeze on AMD hardware; cannot alt +tab, alt + F4, etc - must reboot.

It happens consistently in multiplayer and single player.

I am running an AMD 5950x CPU with an AMD 6900XT GPU. I do not have this problem in any other games, that are much more intensive. (in other words, it's not my hardware overheating, power supply, etc)

I consistently play with a family member that is running an Intel 6700K CPU with an NVIDIA 980 and it runs fine without any problems on their PC - we will be in the same game and my PC will lock up and theirs will continue on fine.

How can we get this resolved?

I am running Catalyst 23.2.1 drivers.

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Adept II

do you play this game in fullscreen or borderless windowed? if yes try normal windowed mode since i have the same problem with some games and i can play with no problems in normal windowed mode.


I play in fullscreen exclusive mode. 


When did this problem exactly start occurring for you?

As an AoE IV player myself, I havn't had any issues with the game since Beta days. 6900 XT/ 5900X


It's always happened for me, unfortunately. It oddly seemed to occur consistently around the hour mark +/- 12 minutes.

The first time it happened was on campaign mission that took longer than an hour to complete.

As a desperate measure, I've updated my BIOS and will see how things go. I know that may sound random, but it's the only thing I could think that might net a positive change.

I once encountered a problem with Destiny 2 crashing - and it was this bizarre bug related to the random number generator with my mobo at the time - and it was resolved with a BIOS update. 

Adept II

I have r9 5900 x + Rx 6900 any solution for this problem? It's freezing the whole pc then I must reboot.


I did not find a solution.

However, after I upgraded to a 7900xtx the problem went away. (no other changes on my part)

This, along with your reply tells me it's something specific to the 6900 and AoE IV. 🤷‍