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Adept I

Had to rollback my drivers again!! :(

I have to revert to an older Adrenalin version (23.8.2) three times already in the last 6 months! It's the only version that doesn't have issues.  24.1.1 did fix the software issue of the Adrenalin program not working (the last two previous versions would stop working I had to un/reinstall every three days), I do like 24.1.1 it works when you need it and I'm getting a +15 FPS but IT CRASHES ON ME! 1) hard locking the PC while in Modern Warfare 3 (Zombies mode) exiting a vehicle would lock up the game and PC I have to turn off the power! 2) I can't play any of my RenPy games.  Windows (OS) makes a window for the game, it turns white, then get a driver crash (soft crash) I get a bug report to send.  I am getting to the point to where I think if I have to buy a new GPU it may not be an AMD.

Is it to much to ask for to have a Adrenalin program that works when you need it with out the drivers crashing the PC & games

PC Specs: CPU 7950X   GPU (XFX) RX 590 OS: Windows 11 64 bit Home edition PSU: 750 watt RAM: 32 GB

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Adept II

Hi there. I can share your frustration. 6700 xt paired with 5600G.

Can't remember what version of Adrenalin, but I was able to OC/UV my GPU without any trouble in the world. The only game I play is Destiny 2. It worked wonderful, the game run as smooth as it could, hardly over 65 degrees.. Life was good.

Now, since 24.1.1, as soon as I make the smallest change to the GPU settings (Mainly any OC/UV) I cant run D2 more than.. 2 minutes? Even being in orbit crashes.

Don't know what they did exactly, but they really screwed up something. I saw that there was a BETA 24.2.1, but as soon as I changed the OC/UV settings, game crashed. Currently, the only way I have to play D2 is without Adrenalin installed, running on the Windows Update driver. (Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. - Display - 31.0.12027.9001)

To be fair, I didn't try running D2 without changing the OC/UV settings with Adrenalin, maybe I'll give it a shot later, but it's frustrating not being able to use the software provided by AMD, specially when it also prolongs the life of the GPU.

Anyways, just sharing my experience and thoughts.

Have a wonderful day. Kind regards - Kahlimdor -


on my soft crashes, the drivers are timing out, it is like it's looking for something it can't find.  I can play MW3 all day in multiplayer, just in zombies getting out of a car will lock up the GPU & PC. I always keep the last two good working versions of Adrenaline on file just in case I got do a rollback

Driver changes can improve performance, change timings, and/or power usage and demand. It's not really on the driver to make sure your OC is stable.

Running with the MS driver only, and  without adrenaline and OC changes pretty much validates that you need to retune your OC/UV settings.