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Adept I

had to roll back to driver 22.2.3 from 22.3.1

installed driver 22.3.1 and warzone would play for a little bit then crash. did not check other games as warzone was working fine till I upgraded the driver. 

So uninstalled 22.3.1 and went back to the previous driver 22.2.3 and no more stutters or freezes

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I ran a Command Prompt as admin CHKDSK C:/r.

This runs a deep scan of your storage device can take up to 1 to 2 hours to complete.

My scan found that 22.3.1 had downloaded 3 times. I only downloaded the update one. The scan found one of the driver packages was corrupted and removed it. 

When I checked AMD folder the other driver was showing version 22.13.1 and no verifiable digital signature. Scanned it with my AV found no issue. Ran it through the Data Shredder in my AV and placed it on my "Do not allow install" in my AV just to be safe. Most of the popping crackling and screeching audio issues stopped. This is only affecting MMO and early access DX11 games for me. No other apps are affected. YouTube and Video Streaming even in UHD work fine for me.

This might help if you decide to retry the driver but if a rollback is soling the issue I to would stick with that.

Nice, maybe ill have to try this.  Something definitely went wrong I've never had an issue like this with driver updates if anything it reminds me of overclocking to far and having it just die out on you. But ya I may give this ashot and redownload the newer driver. thanks