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Journeyman III

GX70 3be driver how to....


Here the spec:


AMD A10 5750M+8650G /HD8970M

16GB or ram 

SSD (OS W10 20h2)

HDD (data)

i have a big problem with the drivers for this pc, i can't install the 2 graphics cards, could you help me?

the pc was formatted (for a clean instal), I did a DDU + AMD cleaning, no driver update since Windows update, and wifi off

PS: I have set some option to prevent driver installation via Windows updates, 

Sorry for my Bad englsih( thanks Google trad)

4 Replies

You need to install the AMD APU Driver which will install both GPU drivers for your laptop.

Unfortunately, your A10-5750M with HD8650G is not supported with driver updates anymore. You only have a choice of two last drivers. one from 2015 (WHQL) or 2016(BEATA):

Even though your HD8970M is still supported by AMD with Driver updates, you can't use the latest AMD Driver for that GPU card since that driver won't be compatible with your APU Integrated Graphics.

So you are stuck with two old AMD drivers. If your Laptop's Support download page has AMD drivers and the dates are close it is best to use the laptop's AMD drivers since they are 100% compatible and will use all the features of your laptop.

The only way to be able to update your discrete HD8970M driver to the latest version is by replacing your Laptop APU with a APU still supported by AMD.

EDIT: I noticed that MSI Support doesn't have any Windows 10 drivers for your laptop which may indicate your laptop is not compatible with Windows 10 OS and Windows 8.1 (Original installed OS) is not supported by AMD with driver updates anymore.

I would open a MSI Support ticket and make sure your laptop is compatible with Windows 10 installed.



so if I understood correctly, even if I update the HD8970M with the latest driver, in this case Adrenalin 2020 Edition 20.11.2 WHQL or 21.2.3, the APU which has for iGPU 8650G
will block systematically because the driver is not 100% compatible with the HD8970M


Yes, Your APU isn't supported by AMD driver updates anymore even though your Discrete GPU is. The APU driver will install both the Integrated and Discrete AMD Driver.

That is why when you install the latest AMD Driver for the Discrete it will also try to install the same driver for the APU integrated Graphics which isn't compatible and the installation will probably fail during or afterwards.

I believe there is a Laptop workaround to install the latest AMD Driver for the Discrete while still keeping the legacy driver installed but not sure if this applies to your situation or not.

You can try a search in AMD Forums for threads concerning this issue.

maybe someone else will remember and show you how to do it.


ok thank you, now I just have to contact MSI to know the best driver for the HD 8970M, and continue looking for a topic on MSI GX70 drivers, on this forum