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Adept I

Gta V crashing while loading 7900xt

Just got this new gpu cant play my favorite game DISAPOINTED. did reinstall of windows, steam, gta v..etc still crashing. Please fix.

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lol , can't do it from here .. you will have to check things

did you change gpu from an old one ? did you "load setup default" in bios after putting new gpu in your case ?

did you uninstall old drivers with DDU ?

then , could you give more info about your hardware ... psu , and how you plugged cables going from psu to gpu


Adept II

If you use DDU you should also reinstall chipset drivers fixes some issues especially in games with Easy Anti Cheat if this does not fix it do a bug report, anyway AMD is incredibly slow when it comes to bug reports which is annoying, you would expect to be on it within a month least, but then i have bug reports of least year old that still ignored, im not gonna make it easy for AMD and tell them from what e-mail adress if send bug reports they can just go thru their current one's and catch up as i am not alone doing bug reports.

Anyway what can recommend is try searching on other forums or this forum to see if more users on 7900 series are experiencing this issue, im pretty sure if seen atleast 2 more reports on reddit reporting about gta having issues


thanks for trying to help lufy , but i have to ask :

why you complain on every thread where i see you just to say amd is slow in correcting YOUR so called bug  that you don't even explain, at least, you don't seem to understand that this is not working that way here


Adept I

I must of lost the post or posted in in a different topic. I've reinstalled windows, steam, n the game. still crashing issues.