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Adept II

Graphics driver fo Asus n56dp (Radeon HD 7640G+7700M series Win 10)

hello, I'm in trouble since I bought this laptop,

this Graphic driver(s) (Radeon HD 7700M series) is not working probably. and i cant find it anywhere nor i can update my Graphic driver, it says your graphic driver is the latest version but when i read the Device status is says;

"Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)"

can i use other graphic drivers? like: Radeon HD 7730M ? or others???

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Adept II

Which driver do you currently have?

Use DDU in safe mode and uninstall all AMD GPU drivers. download the latest driver from here and install it.

Currently i have ' AMD radeon HD 7640G + HD 7700M dual Graphic driver '

so i need to download it from the link you send it to me that (a8-4500m etc..)?


you need to download and install your Laptop's APU processor's integrated graphics which will be compatible with both your IGPU and Discrete GPU in your laptop.

The only AMD Mobile VGA driver I found was for the A8-4500M with HD7640G Integrated Graphics. You only have a choice of two AMD Mobile drivers and not other newer drivers than:

1-WHQL - 2015

2-BETA - 2016

From here:

If you need newer AMD VGA Drivers than 2016 then you will need to upgrade your Laptop to one that is still supported with driver updates.

NOTE: It is best to use your Asus OEM AMD VGA Driver which is 100% compatible with your laptop. You should first install the Asus OEM AMD VGA Driver FIRST to make sure everything works normal in your laptop BEFORE updating to AMD Mobile VGA Driver if Asus VGA  driver is much older than the 2015 AMD VGA driver.

Thanks for your replay and sorry for late replaying.

But how can i upgrade it? You mean yo buy another laptop?  Mine is laptop and idont think so just like pc you can build or upgrade it


Sorry but im just a newbie with pc and laptop or drivers and problems

I live in iraq and i checked some of nearby repair shops that work on laptop & pc but they didn't know how yo fix this and they just formated my laptop 

( thats why i couldn't answer you cuz they had my laptop for like 1 mont 

So if you could tell me in a easy way im just too dump to understand and im not english so im not good with english language





Your English translation is good enough for me to understand. I might be easier if you first wrote the reply in your native language then use Google Translator to translate the entire reply and copy it to your thread. Just a suggestion.

I mentioned that if the 2 AMD VGA drivers, 2015 or 2016, are too old to run certain games or programs and you need newer drivers than 2015 or 2016 than you will need to upgrade to a laptop that is still supported with driver updates.

Otherwise you can still continue to use your Asus laptop with those 2 AMD VGA drivers as long as they work for you.

Your are correct that generally you can't upgrade your laptop except maybe the RAM and Hard drive. Normally the Laptop processor is soldered on and can't be replace or upgraded without replacing the entire Motherboard and processor at the same time.

The link to the AMD VGA Driver for your processor should still be good for your laptop but if you can post the EXACT MAKE & MODEL of your laptop I might be able to locate your Asus Support download page for drivers for your laptop.

Thanks for your suggest but my native language is kurdish and in google translate kurdish language is not well-made there is so much problem with the translate,

Anyway thanks again.


The 2015 and 2016 graphics cards that you send it are not good for my laptop because they slow down my laptop and I can't use more than 50% of the applications, it even doesn't have "sleep mode". Too much trouble 


But I found one on a site that is also a 2015 but till now that one is the best graphics card I've ever used,


but it has one problem: it couses BSOD or

"Blue screen of death" or simply (blue screen).




The model and stuff is;

Device: Asus 

Product name: N56DP

Serial number: SSN12345678901234567

Processor: AMD A8-4500 APU with Radeon HD Graphics 1.90GHz

System: Win 10

System type: 64-bit


And the display adapters mine is duall graphic card

first: AMD Radeon Hd 7650G

Second: AMD Radeon Hd 7700M Series



And right now im using 

amd catalyst 15.7.1 win10 64bit

From 8/2/2015

I don't remember the site where i download it but it was not from AMD official site that you sended to me


Ps: tell me what you need to know to locate best and newest driver for me that if work properly i doubt thought

Sorry for the trouble again

Thanks for the update.

By the way your English is very good. Unfortunately I don't speak or write Kurdish.

The AMD Driver you are using is the same one from AMD Driver  Download page:

Screenshot 2023-02-11 133243.png

And right now im using

amd catalyst 15.7.1 win10 64bit

From 8/2/2015

Here is Asus USA Support download page for your laptop. It doesn't show any Windows 10 drivers only Windows 8.1 or older:

Screenshot 2023-02-11 133243.png

So it is possible your laptop is not fully compatible with Windows 10 since Asus doesn't have any Windows 10 drivers available for download.

Seems like your laptop came originally with Windows 7 installed since that has the most driver downloads including Asus AMD Chip set which could include your AMD VGA Drivers also:

Screenshot 2023-02-11 133243.png

I also don't see any AMD VGA Drivers from Asus download page.

Try using Asus Live Update to update all your laptop drivers and programs:

Screenshot 2023-02-11 133243.png




I translated my reply into Kurdish (Soran) from my browser translator for you. Hopefully you will understand better in your native language.

By the way, my Translator has two Kurdish languages - Soran and Kurmanji. Not sure which one relates to you.

Screenshot 2023-02-11 133243.pngScreenshot 2023-02-13 103448.png


i can understand you just fine and thank you for the translate but to tell you honestly i understand english better than kurdish in case about technology or laptop, becouse i cant remember when was the time i read somethink anout laptop in kurdish so, thanks


i'll try both of your methods and yes i think i barly rember when, someone told me maybe your laptop is not win10 orginally it was 7 and they upgrade it

recently i downloaded the BETA - 2016 version and it was much beter than the orginal and i didn't see any blue screen either

before when i downloaded some app even steam, i always get blue screen but right now the blue screen issue is fixed but there is still some game that i cant lunch it and there is not a single error so i assume that is my graphics card problem 

Those games might require newer drivers to run correctly.

Go to these Can I Run It Gaming sites and see if those game that can't launch are compatible with the hardware and driver you now have installed from here:

System Requirements - Can I Run It 

Game Debate - Can I Run It

PC Game - Can I Run It

If they are not then you will need to upgrade your laptop to a laptop that is still supported with Driver updates in the future.

I know that and I downloaded valorant that i can even run without any problem but still it wont lunch,

When I double-click it, the game waits for a while, then loads for a while, then the program closes without telling me there's a problem or anything, it just runs the game and closes the game after a few seconds.

I searched a lot on YouTube and tried everything but none of the ways worked,

I can play csgo but i cant play valorant, haha well, i guess its time to sell this laptop 

Run Windows DXDIAG.exe and save it to your computer. Then open it and go to the last category 'Diagnostics".

There is it will show you which files are having issues including your games.

Also go to Windows Event Viewer under "errors" and see what error codes are showing for the games that doesn't show any errors.

NOTE: Good Luck! Hope if you do upgrade your laptop you find something that doesn't break your budget.

Thanks, I'll try this but im 100% sure that my graphics card is the problem becose i just Auto updated my graphics card in device manager and now i can run the game with "no problem" 

As if, yes the game right now lunchs but the game is as slow as worm I think it runs in 5fps lol

Anyway, thanks bro i think there is no solution for this problem but if you can could you give me your social account? Anything just where sometime if its ok i can ask you something or i just want to be friend with you in social media if its ok


Thanks. I really mean it 

Well at least you know what the problem is.

To tell you the truth I am not active in Social Medias like Facebook or Twitter. But you can always PM here at AMD Forums in the future if you like.

Just curious, are a Turkish, Syrian, Irani or some other national Kurdish?


Take care.

Well i liked to have your social media its ok if you are not active

Im kurdish from kurdistan/iraq 

I deleted all of my Social Media Accounts in the past - Facebook, Quora, & Twitter.

Found them to be biased toward certain political or Religious views.

I just tried to send you a PM but got an error saying you haven't enabled your PM Option yet.

Not sure how you can do that on your side.

You can send a PM to one of the Moderators to see if you qualify for PMing other Users or not at this time.

hhhh, in the beginning how do i send PMs? i dont now thats why i told you for another social media but oh well, i'll go find it


hey, sorry for bothering but i have a question 

i used this ("radeon-software-crimson-relive-16.2.1") to my graphics card so i searched for it and i saw a newer version which is 17.something,

so here is my question, can i use the newest version??


I wouldn't since AMD states those were the last drivers for your GPU Card. Anything newer probably wouldn't be 100% compatible.

I mean you can try and see if it installs and works without crashing all the time.

Just remember to remove all traces using DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) and deleting c:\AMD before installing the previous AMD VGA driver again.

you can just skip the paragraph below, its useless anyway

guess what, i accidently updated my driver and i wanted to restore my pervious drive which i already have cuz i saved it for some emergency situation like that, and i just opened the graphics card installer, it installed but for come reason it crashed with blue screen and restarted and crashed again after serval time anyway it forces me to safe mode i tried to delete this graphic cards and it didn't uninstall i forced shutdown when it just loaded and loaded after that for some reason it was uninstalled and i tried to install the driver again but again crashed... fast forward now i cannot uninstall nor i can instal the graphic driver its been a day, at least the blue screen crash was stopped, i don't know what was the cause but i just deleted random installed file or app recently

anyway.... just forget about it its already a headaches for me, don't waste your time with me anymore and thanks for all the time that you tried to help me,

AMD Radeon HD 7640G Properties 2_24_2023 12_42_11 AM.pngAMD Radeon HD 7700M Series Properties 2_24_2023 12_42_04 AM.png



Do a System Windows Restore point from before you did what you did. Hopefully it will install the previous AMD driver you had before the updated driver was installed.

Also use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) without the internet connected and deleting C:\AMD folder and that should remove all traces of your current AMD VGA Driver.

Then install the AMD VGA driver that worked for you in the past and see if that clear some of your issues.

NOTE: This is why I do at least 2 System Backups of my PC using a second internal HDD. You can connect a external HDD to backup your Laptop's Windows drive for just these types of occasions.

well i did have backup but i dont know why now its not working, imma just go and download everythink like before