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Journeyman III

Graphics driver fo Asus n56dp (Radeon 7660G+7700M Win 10)

Greetings! I have an Asus N56DP with AMD A10-4600 with int. video Radeon 7660G + discreet 7700M. After updating to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 Radeon drivers stopped working correctly. In-game FPS decreased, graphics cards in Device Manager became Radeon 7660G & 7700M but was Radeon 7660G + 7700M Dual Graphics. Also laptop cooler began to work louder and temperature from it increased. Please, tell me which driver version i need to install or what to do for make graphics cards to work properly. Thanks!

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Re: Graphics driver fo Asus n56dp (Radeon 7660G+7700M Win 10)

As you know, your graphics chips are considered you have the same drivers available as when you were using Win8.1. There will be no new drivers. This last round of Win10 updates seems to have borked these drivers, as there are dozens of posts and questions just like yours. However, some have rolled back to the previous version of Win10 and got their laptops working.

You should use the drivers furnished by Asus for Win10.                   

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