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Journeyman III

Graphics driver crashing and screen flashing black cant even open graphics software

I have an Rx 580 and have had this problem for a while now. I just got my computer to turn on after not working for a while now it has been freshly reset multiple times. I have 32 gb of ram and whenever I open chrome or do the most minute of tasks whatever im doing will stop responding and I will be able to move my mouse around for 2 seconds before it stops responding as well. Then my computer screen will flash black and come back sometimes with a black desktop background. The only things I have downloaded are amd software adrenalin edition, chrome, and discord. Note: this only happens after drivers are installed


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It is possible that your video card is on its last legs, and will soon fail, try other drivers on the video card old or newer, remove your driver using Display Driver Uninstaller, and try again, but a different version, maybe the problem is not in the video card, ideally try this video card on another PC, or somehow test it with occt or fullmark stress tests or similar, if possible. (does a driver error pop up in notifications? the graphics driver has been restored or something similar) If this problem occurs after installing the driver, then it is either a driver, which is unlikely, I would say that 95% of the video card will soon be covered, alas (if there is an embed in the processor, use it for now, and pull out the rx 580 for a while and check it on another PC if possible.


Try taking ram out and trying one stick at a time in different slots..

Maybe a Ram stick has gone bad or a slot..

You could also try the 580 in another pcie slot..

Download driver version 22.3.1 and try running it with that, it is the driver I am using now and did with my RX580..

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