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Journeyman III

Graphic artifacts on rx570 8gb and problems with shaders

Yesterday the video card "Asus Rx570 8gb" worked fine , she was bought brand new two weeks ago, did not overheat or was overloaded, worked on standart frequency, I played GTA 5, The Witcher 3 and other games at high settings without bugs and overheating. I haven't installed new libraries or drivers, but games suddenly had problems displaying shaders and textures. In the game Dying light i can see purple squares floating in the air and in the smoke of campfires, and errors are displayed on the textures of characters or houses in the form of squares of another texture. In the game world war z, the textures of all game characters and 20% of the zombies stretch along the screen, the glass or reflective surfaces becomes colored, reflections and shadows glitch, artifacts appear in the form of groups of squares along the entire screen until the game is restarted. Moreover, this problem is initially not in the menu, but if you run a mission or performance test and return to the menu, then there will be artifacts there. In the game the witcher 3, bugs or artifacts at ultra settings were not noticed. I reinstalled Windows, tried reinstalling different stable versions of video card drivers, installed all vsredist binaries, net framework and directx, but nothing fixed the problem. When using benchmarks as FurMark and GFXBench, no artifacts or problems with textures were noticed under high load and the video card did not heat up above 70 degrees Celsius, showing stable fps. In the GFXBench benchmark, the video card successfully passed the OpenGL, DirectX 12 and Vulcan tests, but when trying to run any test on DirectX 11, the benchmark ended with the SHADER_ERROR error. I suspect that the error is in the shaders or something related to them, but reinstalling DirectX or clearing the shader cache through Radeon Software does not work. I hope that someone will be able to help me with this problem and indicate what is wrong, the return period to the store has expired, and for warranty repair the video card will need to be sent to another city, so I want to make sure that the problem is in the video card, and not in the software in this case.

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