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GPU utilization getting stock at max on rx 580

i have had this problem on an rx 580 card since atleast 8 month ago with some other users telling me it goes back to OCT 2021 and maybe older still... i did take a look through amd driver change note and appraently they know about it too.
"GPU utilization may be stuck at 100% in Radeon performance metrics after closing games on some AMD Graphics Products such as Radeon 570."
so why it hasn't been fixed after a year? does amd even plan on fixing it? any ideas or thought?

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Sorry for the English, I translated the gug with a translator.
The fix is very simple, but takes away a lot of features like monitoring, recording, and more.
by installing the minimum version of the driver - (that is, simplified to the extent that there is nothing extra, except the driver settings) - I got rid of this problem. yes, I can't record video, but I replaced it with a simple OBS program and screenshots are taken directly in Windows, xbox game bar, and there is still no squelch on the rx 580 to use the full version


i already know about this workaround, back about 8 month ago when i faced this problem i shared it on cd project forum and someone told me about installing the minimal version of the driver. i was hoping amd fix the problem after a year.