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Journeyman III

Gpu usage stays at 100% (both clocks) after i close the game

so i have a Rx570, 
I have pin pointed the issue to instant replay,
so basically

  1. i have instant replay turned on (disk storage) usage is normal at this time
  2. now I started playing a game, saved an instant replay
  3. close the game, after closing (even after 1-2 hours of waiting) gpu still at 100% usage
  4. next I disable instant reply, still same 100%
  5. now this is the weird part, after disabling it once, if i turn it on and off again (total 3 toggles), the gpu usage is normal now

at this point I have tried full driver and amd software reinstall, factory reset nothing works, I even tried windows factory reset(some other unrelated reason)

now i want to know, if there's a fix for this or do i have to keep doing this (3 toggles) every time i close a game

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