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Adept I

GPU Tuning Profile not saved

So i update to newest radeon software , and at the begining it was leaving me into tuning to set different values on global tuning and other games profiles, recently last 2 updates ,including the last released one , this hasn't work , global tuning or any game tuning doesn't get saved as i set them... , i already have some profiles seted there but if i modify them ,the issue will spread and will not leave me , to edit back to the stats i wanted..

With a release version behind , i was usually able to use problem report wizard ,now when i use it ... it just give me blue screen on windows 10... , 2 times acces this ,and same thing happen.

Do AMD team is intrested into releasing a software that can leave you to set things , i have no idea what should i do now ,i tryed to search this issue , but i can't find anything about a fix to it ,even if multiple people around globe had problems and even discuss this on reddit.

I reported my issue online via software option ,and i haven't got any e-mail back regarding my issue with the software ,no any recommandation... , i even inserted them a video about the glitch.

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Adept I

I'm encountering the exact same problem, and for what I've seen from all the threads in the forum, it's definitively a software bug.  I just completed the "report a bug" thingy here: AMD Issue Reporting Form 

Let's hope somebody at AMD actually reads and fixes this issue that seems to be related more to a software bug and poor QA than anything else.


i hope they fix it too ,otherwise would be nuts to roll back to old UI driver just because of this.

Community Manager

Can all users please provide the following information. 



Laptop :

TOSHIBA Satellite C55D-A-150

Software Version

Driver Version

AMD Radeon HD 8400 / R3 Series

AMD Radeon R5 M200 / HD 8500M Series

AMD A6-5200 APU with Radeon(TM) HD Graphics
4 Cores

Operating System

  •  Windows 10 64bit

Display idk where to take it from , dxdiag , manage on my computer or from software 

Rezolution :1366x768 @60Hz +hdmi


Ram:12 Gb

Both graphic cards can't hold my settings i choose , while in previous softwares versions i woulded be able to still modify it , as the video showed and then my settings woulded stay as i set them.

Volunteer Moderator

What driver did you install?

These are the current drivers for your laptop 

Adept I

Matt, good morning!

I contacted AMD on this issue by email support form, provided them all my hardware specs, and, after several days, I got a reply: DNU, reinstall and "see if that solves the issue".  There's a flashback from the "IT Crowd": "Have you tried turning it off and on again?".

I don't want to go offtrack here but I have to say it: AMD's earning's in 2019 where 6.73 BILLION DOLLARS.  That's 6.730.000.000 US dollars. MOST of those earnings come from Ryzen and Radeon customers; sales bumped 50% from same period in 2018.  50% increased sales, that's a lot of money.  Even in a very insignificant way, I'm one of those who made AMD stocks go up by purchasing your products.  A company that has been near bankrupt not so long ago, revived from the ashes thanks to us, the loyal customers.

What do we get? DNU. AMD's entirely tech support CAN NOT and SHOULD NOT rely on a third party tool from a coder who asks for donations to keep his project going.  DNU is a GREAT tool, don't get me wrong, but you either support the coder or purchase, brand and provide us with such tool in a more formal fashion.  AMD CAN NOT and SHOULD NOT rely on solving issues on the good will of other people, including us, the users, who end up doing the troubleshooting AMD MUST do before shipping a product to the public.

Every time a new driver is published the "KNOWN ISSUES" list become larger; when you see a cockroach around keep in mind there're a 100 you are not seeing.  Well, can't think same situation is happening here.

AMD is going faster than it's structure can handle and that's without question by now.

I'll manage without ENHANCED SYNC option staying active and I will do it manually do it after a reboot, my gaming experience won't be ruined and I'll wait for somebody at AMD to do their job and provide us with a fully working driver in the future.  And if that doesn't happens, well, in the end it will by my fault for trusting my purchase -and money- to AMD.  It's quite clear which brand I will choose on my next purchase.

Thank you, have a great day.

Did your issue got fixed ? , cause i am in the same issue ,so just to know if it worth to do it.


Same issue over here, Enhanced Sync disabled every boot.


I have a theory. In the 20.4.2 driver there is a Known Issue with Enhanced Sync causing black screens. I think that AMD tries to workaround this by disabling it by default.


I have the same problem. What is this **bleep**?

Journeyman III

The Adrenalin software has been broken for years.  I couldn't install Adrenalin 20 because of all the errors and the canned responses from email support.  But it never retains the overclocking profile.  I always have to load it before I play a  game.  Bought a Vega 56 at during the crypto craze because they were a bit cheaper than the Nvidia offerings.  Going back to Nvidia because the AMD support is awful and I've never had so many problems installing software and drivers.  

Adept I


I found the fix:


Seems like nvdia will never have problems with software , until next time amd , i was thinking about to get an amd card , but the software disencourage me to pair amd with amd .