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Journeyman III

GPU stays at 100% utilization (1340MHz) after a game and when the PC sleeps

The title says it all basically. I have an RX580 with up to date drivers. When I run a game or the PC sleeps it is possible that the GPU will get stuck to 100% percent, even after the game closes or the PC is idle. This is detrimental to the lifespan of the GPU since it gets very hot and is overutilized for long periods of time doing nothing. I have seen an older post claiming it has been fixed, but this is not the case for the RX580. Every time this happens I have to either restart the PC or go to Task Manager and kill AMDRSServ.exe for the GPU to work normally again. I have the metrics overlay always on in order to protect my card for this. Please fix it.


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Journeyman III

I noticed another instance where this happens. If you are on full screen on a game and then you alt + Tab to go to the Windows desktop, you get stuck with 100% utilization and then killing  AMDRSServ.exe wont even work, you would have to close the game first

Adept I

This problem or something similar has "terrified" Polaris users for more than a year

 Then  was a fix but since then we have had another similar problem...

2 years with driver problems on the Polaris