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Adept I

GPU Not Detected By Monitoring Software

I have a RX 6800XT and had some issues during the 22.4 drivers where my GPU would not be detected by monitoring software and so I could not set custom fan curves, see my temps, etc.

I downloaded 22.8.1 today (which is completely broken, btw) and tried reverting back to my old driver but now my GPU is not being detected again... this is an issue because this card gets insanely hot.. like 90C idling in World of Warcraft... and so I had tuned the fan curve to ramp harder sooner to keep temps in the 80s.

So, two questions - why the hell does my card get so hot (it crashed twice today b/c fans can't be custom tuned) and how can I fix that? Second, what drivers will allow my GPU to be detected again? I have tried all iterations of 22.X with no luck. 22.8 does detect my card on softwares, but any transition on a page locks up my PC and it's nearly unusable. For example, I opened the Steam app and my PC literally nearly fully bricked and my mouse would move once every 5 seconds and the feature page on Steam was having a hard time going from one pane to the next. There was similar behavior when expanding my follow tab on Twitch, scrolling down on youtube home page, etc.

I have MSI Afterburner, NZXT CAM that neither can detect my GPU.

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