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GPU Name Changed After Driver Update - R9 M256 + Black Screen On Driver Install

My laptop is Toshiba Satellite with Windows 10, graphics amd radeon r9 m200 but after i install the update from Windows, Redstone, it changed. Now my graphics say amd radeon r9 m256 and i can't install the catalyst control center because i get a black screen or it freezes and i can't use my laptop before shutdown pressing the button of power.

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It's all, when i installed Windows 10 Redstone Versión, my laptop change the graphics from amd radeon r9 m200 series to amd radeon r9 m256 series and from 2.40GHz change to 2.50GHz.

Details about my laptop:

1.- Toshiba Satellite P55-B5206SL

2.- Intel Core i7-4710HQ CPU @ 2.50GHz  2.50GHz   (before it said 2.40GHz  2.40GHz)

3.- 12.0 Gb Ram

4.- Windows 10 x64 Bits

5.- AMD Radeon R9 M256 Series (before it said AMD Radeon R9 M200 Series)

6.- Intel HD Graphics 4600

Before i installed the last update i was using Catalyst control center 14.1 and it was working perfect, but i did a clean installation because i got my hard drive disk full. When it finished i got problems with the drivers, firstly i tried to install the auto detect driver but it freeze the screen, then i tried installing the last versión of catalyst because these day i was looking for catalyst 14.1 but amd in mantainence but after the mantainence it disappear. I decided to install the driver in secure mode, but i can't, then i tried installing in the secure mode with network, i can't too because it said that it couldn't start the aplication to detect the graphics. Now i can't install anything related to amd because or it freeze or it get black screen. Sometimes when i try to install catalyst it says thats have problems to install. After that, i couldn't do anything because it freeze 10 minutes later, so i decided to install the drivers from Toshiba (Drivers & Software Support | Toshiba) and nothing seemed to work, i was thinking about what to do, the last thing i did was update the BIOS from 1.20 to 1.50, and it worked, my laptop stop freezing 10 minutos after turn on, but i couldn't install the drivers.

0 Likes can't install in Safe Mode. Safe Mode is used to uninstall.

Please read carefully and follow the guide, especially the part about Intel drivers > Laptop graphics update...How to

Latest driver > Mobile

Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers

I mean, i tried everything. The problem in my point of view is that the graphics change and i can't install the drivers because it's another graphic. Also, i install the auto driver detect and the specific driver but it freeze the screen both. Why it change from amd radeon r9 m200 to r9 m256?


The version from AMD is a generic driver that does not use the same identifier as the OEM drivers..nothing to worry about if you are using the correct driver.

Here is how you find the correct driver for your laptop. Never install the 'minimal setup'...always choose the full version. Fill out the steps EXACTLY as I have.

Download Drivers

Radeon R530 showing up as R7 M440 after software Upgrade - Dual Graphics Laptop

Correct Answerby ray_m Employee on Jan 10, 2018 9:41 AM

Graphics cards in laptop computers are customized by the manufacturer to meet their specific design requirements,.
AMD provided reference drivers for laptop products that use a generic Device ID. This has no impact on  performance,

If you want the GPU to appears exactly as specified by the manufacturer, you will need to use drivers provided by the laptop manufacturer.

If you do not read and follow the guide on Intel/AMD switchable graphics I linked you to above, you will never get your computer running right. Laptop graphics update...How to


It doesn't work, it freeze the computer, but i install the driver given by amd and i followed your steps. Why it freezes the screen?


If you have installed the Intel driver...then clean install the AMD driver > Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers

I tried installing the driver but it freezes, then i couldn't enter to windows, i went to the safe mode to uninstall the driver but i saw the correct driver r9 m200 series. Now i don't know why the laptop freezes when i am trying to install the driver. I mean the driver is installing 10% and it freezes.



The first thing I would do is stop using 3rd Party Driver installers like DriverPack Solution. You do not need them and they can cause more issues than they are worth.

What should i do if when i am installing the driver it freeze my laptop?

AMD drivers can be installed only in legacy?