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Journeyman III

GPU driver update required after monitor goes in standby

Hi! I've been having this little problem for a couple days. I have a RX 6650XT GPU with a B760M-A ASUS mobo. My PC is almost two months old. I run Windows 10. I am not english, so please forgive me if I make some mistakes while I try to explain!

My monitor goes on standby every 10 minutes of inactivity, but I have noticed that, everytime it happens and I go back and turn it on, my drivers are OUTDATED. Then they just turn off, and an AMD Adrenalin Software popup shows, saying that a problem occurred and that the "GPU now works with reduced features" or something like that, I don't quite remember the exact words.


The point is that, everytime the PC goes on standby, the AMD software does this thing where it gets recognized as a problem of the GPU drivers and it forces me to reinstall everything, because they are outdated, even if I installed them hours before. I've done this almost 3 times in less than 24 hours and wonder if it's something I can fix.


I have now removed the "10 minutes of inactivity" standby and made it wayy longer, and hope it changes, but I also would like to know if anybody knows a solution. Thanks in advance!

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Adept III

6650 is not compatible with sleep mode due to poor drivers

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Adept III

6650 is not compatible with sleep mode due to poor drivers

Oh really? Why is it so?

See for details.

If you can still send back the gpu, do it. It doesn't look like AMD is going to fix this issue.


that's correct.

Now, the solution is use 22.11.2 driver.

You are lucky monitor still wake up, most of it cannot wake anymore and need to hard reset.

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