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Games start to crash every 10-15 days I need to reinstall gpu driver to fix it but it will happen again. I did notice it around may and I cant figure out permanently  solution for this problem. If I dont reinstall gpu driver Dota 2 will start to crash to desktop more and more, Witcher 3 can work 3h or 30 mins and it will crash to desktop. If I reinstall gpu driver Witcher 3 can work all day and it will not crash and same for Dota 2 but problem will come back after 10-15 days.

Windows updates are disabled in services I check it every day and I did disable driver updates.

Any idea what is causing this?  Can page files cause games to crash?

I always use latest drivers


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If I dont reinstall gpu driver Dota 2 will start to crash to desktop more and more, Witcher 3 can work 3h or 30 mins and it will crash to desktop. If I reinstall gpu driver Witcher 3 can work all day and it will not crash and same for Dota 2 but problem will come back after 10-15 days.

Strange... Shader cache issues? Idk. I hadn't yet met with straight up crashes in these games.
On my side of annoying AF issues, i am having random game/system freeze issue with my AORUS 6750XT when you can either ctrl+alt+del to go away from game to other application (after which when you return to game it is either still stuck, or, for some reason unstuck) or, in worst cases, sometimes, only choise is to hard reset system with power cycle. After which there is more than 0% chance that you can get GPU driver corruption and complete reset, requiring driver reinstallation. 
And it does happen with Witcher 3 as well. But at least Witcher is usually one that can be returned to normal state via soft measures (aka go out from game and come back). 

I didnt reinstall gpu driver, but I did clear or reset shader cache in radeon software because I wanted to test it. I alt+tab often and I dont have problems (but alt+tab is not responsive always for some reason).


Use AMD cleanup utility to get rid of drivers properly 

Download drivers from AMD (not from Asus): 

Update chipset drivers and all other drivers. See motherboard manufacturer if there is a new BIOS and is there any mention of issues with old versions.

Run disk cleanup tool (included in Windows), use also 'clean up system files'. Manually select all the boxes, except maybe trash bin and downloaded program files.

If you have tried those already:

Could be just your computer being broken or unstable. You could try running prime95 to see íf it's stable. Use hwinfo64 to monitor your temps while you run it, just in case.

Have you overclocked your memory or baseclock, or could your memory be faulty? These can cause strange behaviour and corrupt content of your harddrive/storage. Try running a memory test. Often recommended tool for memory testing is free program called Memtest86 or you could just make sure base clock is 100MHz and try running your memory at jedec speed (aka. disable XMP from BIOS temporarily, can also be called D.O.C.P.) and see if problem dissappears.

Have you overclocked your CPU - don't.

While rare, sleep mode, hibernation and such can sometimes not work properly and write gibberish to drive. Disable those from power management.

Could be data corruption from faulty disk. Scan your C-drive for errors. (chkdsk from console). Also check SSD/M.2/HDD manufacturers site, if there is a firmware update available for your disk.

Don't use any software which promises to improve performance. There are all kinds of optimizers, boosters and whatnot. Never use those. I would also recommend avoiding ccleaner, ad-aware and such. 

What antivirus software do you use? Some of them can cause problems. I would not use free 3rd party antivirus software. Either use the one included in Windows or if you want something else, Bitdefender, Norton or F-Secure.

Which programs do you have running in the background (icons in bottom right corner, next to clock)?

I did set it as solution by mistake. 


I can't delete it

Im not near computer so I will answer later and ty for reply . I did find option to remove solution marker.


I did not use amd cleanup utility  but I did use DDU.

I did download drivers only from AMD.

I did notice peoblem after installing may 22.5 drivers they did release 2 versions idk what version I did download. I didnt notice problem with older 21.9  driver but I could be wrong.

I have b450 tomahawk max and I did not update bios because I have 2700x but I will try it if other options do not work.

I did use pc without chipset drivers but now I ave them for around 30 days and still same problem.

I did not use disk clean up but I defragment my hard drives often. before windows was on hdd now its on ssd abd page files are enabled on  ssd only.

I did stress cpu with some compressed files on 100% and pc did not shut down but I can try real cpu test.

I will try mem testnot try mem test I only did oc ram with xmp profile to 3200 mhz. I have 2x8gb hyperx predator and 2x8 fury renegade (upgrade) but I think they are same just name did change but if ram is problem I wouldnt be able to play games next 10 days after fresh install of gpu driver I  did let Witcher 3 run more than 6h and there was no crash after fresh instalation of driver but as I said its not perma fix.

I use ultimate performance and I did disable c state or something in bios before half year. gpu and cpu work at stock settings.

Both cpu and gpu temperatures are great in Warzone 2700x with wraith prism at max rpm work at 55°c and 7 case  140mm fans spin at 1600rpm they push big amount of air and case is Define S

I did notice some oil coming on other side of motherboard  where is vrm section. In bios default vcore voltage is 1.4 or 1.45v.

I did disable hibernation and sleep mode.

I did not use any type of cleaner.

I did recently reinstall windows on new SSD I never installed firmware for hdd or ssd I will try to find it. I have kingston kc3000 1tb m.2 and P300 3tb hdd toshiba.

Only  running program is driver for planatronics gamecom 780/788 head set and I did download it from reddit. I will remove it and test it without it. Riva tuner I use for some games and after burner only for more info during test.

I do not use anti virus software and I did disable windows defender but I think it cant be disabled completly. 

If i remember good before few months  I did increase page files and that did prevent constant crashes for some time. When games start to crash soon after that situation will be worse and in Dota 2 it will start to crash evry few minutes after first crash I reinstall drivers. Witcher 3 and Dota 2  will crash to desktop but league of legends will never crash and that is strange.




Id you use a flash drive (SSD or M.2) do not defragment drives anymore. That was for mechanical drives!

>"if ram is problem I wouldnt be able to play games"

Some memory errors are very random and games often run fine even when system is not 100% stable. I experienced this when I thought I had stable overclock (games and 3DMark ran fine), but whenever I did grid computing or ran Prime95, it spews errors.  Also that baseclock I mentioned is known to corrupt data on drives if it is too high and too high can be pretty much anything above 100.

Included antivirus in Windows should not be an issue.

Firmware update to SSD happens usually so that SSD company has software which allows you to see information about drive, see (and you should check) S.M.A.R.T data of your  drives, upgrade firmware aso. Here is a link to Kingston SSD Manager 

Did you reinstall windows to ssd or move installation from old drive? Sometimes moving it can cause issues. 

I would leave pagefile to default setting. I know some people say you should have set amount of it, but that's history.

Unless you have tons of files, I would consider unplugging the HDD, doing a clean reinstall of Windows, drivers and software, then plug the HDD back.


I did prepare usb for windows installation and I did format hdd so that did remove all files from hdd including windows. After that I did install windows on brand new ssd. I have 4 hard drives each have 3tb of space. Windows by default defragment(optimize) hard drives but I did disable it and I run it manualy, it takes 6-7h for one 3tb hdd. I have 3 of 4 hard drives completely full. On ssd I have Windows, Warzone and Firefox.

I think windows by default have auto optimization for ssd turned on called retrim. I did see windows did optimize ssd so I did disable it. It is my first ssd and I did not know should i leave it on or turn it off. But analyze is disabled for every ssd that windows recognize.

In search type storage settings after that click optimize drives and new window will open. There you can see when last time windows did retrim your ssd. Can you check if scheduled optimization is on or off for you?

I did have same problem before I got ssd.

I will test ram for sure.

I didint undersand this part you wrote: Id you use a flash drive (SSD or M.2)


Windows has trimmed SSD's a day ago, so it's on. Trim should be on, but do not defrag SSD's, only HDD's and if you don't use one as a system disk, I doubt you need to do it at all.

It means, IF you use SSD, do not defrag it.

I would not defrag drives and see it that ends the problem.

Check S.M.A.R.T data of your drives. One of the drives might be dying.

Not important but I dont even see option to defrag ssd and all say dont defrag it.

Can you check how often windows will run scheduled for you in same window it will say daily, weekly or monthly. I did disable it because I didnt understand it and windows didnt trim my ssd for 40 days and i forgot default settings.




Thank you for help guys.


What is Shader cache? Is that part of gpu or some files created?

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You have done quite a bit of troubleshooting yourself. Have you run memtest yet?

ASRock X570 Taichi, Ryzen 7 5700X, 32GB RAM 3200Mhz, Gigabyte RX 6800 XT Gaming OC, Corsair HX1000 1000 Watt Fully Modular PSU, Win11Pro

If it is increasingly more frequent issue that resolves (even though temporarily) with software manipulation, it is likely NOT RAM issue. If RAM causes something that bad, you will get BSOD much before game crash



If memory corruption corrupt drivers or content is disk, it is possible. Mild memory issues are terrible to diagnose and I feel this case is so weird, you have to try about everything.

It van be that only some area of memory is faulty, so symptoms are not that simple. 

I have arctic fan hub and one user did say his pc didnt want to turn on because of it. But I didnt have shut downs and all work fine. that fan hub is cheap but for me it didnt cause problems.


I will have time tonight for that. I did done some tests yes and I did think about it. Witcher 3 is on my hdd driver F and dota is on my hdd driver D.  I can test witcher 3 on my m.2 ssd tonight. So I already see its not bad hdd and i have 4 of them I can test on any. page files are disabled on every hdd and enabled on ssd m.2. I did see srtange behavior since may drivers and they did release 2 versions I did download one idk for what was other one after facing problems I did revert back to older drivers maybe I will try 21.9 again. I can try dual bios switch on gpu.  I did buy 2 more sticks of ram so I will try to pull them out and run games on 16gb.

My card did cost a lot where I live  early this yeaer. So this is not pleasent expririence for me I can now find 6900xt for less money in shop.... I didnt have pc so I didnt want to be without one.

What I did type is mess sry but I try my best I can later explain better if you dont understand something.


I think I did answer this question but I cant see answer now, I did type too much I am lost here ahahah

I still didnt do memtest.

If it is needed I can record crashing now and game working for long time after gpu driver reinstall.


Idk how to monitor b450 toamhawk max motherboard temperature, but I use thermal grizzly kryonaut for 2700x and wraith prism on max rpm and 7 fans  arctic p14 pwm pst 1600rpm and they move big amount of air really big. 6700XT strix have 1.7 kg cooler 3 slot its monster. Predator ram have big heatsink.  In define s case. PSU is seasonic gx 850w fan active. I dont see how temperatures can be problem.

I always after installing windows change some options and disable defender antivirus, windows updates but I update windows before I reinstall gpu drivers every time.

Gpu box seal did fall off but I didnt see any dust in gpu heatsink when I got it I did go in shop personaly. Golden pci-e connector did not have scratches.

 I can do tests tonight and I will be happy to do it if someone have idea. Memory test is in plan too.

I did buy B450 tomahawk max II with sticker ryzen 5000 ready. So I can try to change motherboad because I have 2 of them.

I am afraid to pull out psu cables from motherboard, it requires more power so I am afraid and dont want to damage something. What is  best way to pull out psu cables from motherboard?


Don't disable antivirus, nor updates. If you are afraid they interfere at the wrong time (while gaming), you can always check updates yourself manually, so it won't happen at the wrong time. Updates are important and drivers expect you to have all updates installed.

Did you check Device manager to see there are no yellow triangles visible when you have problems with the machine. Drivers do not uninstall themselves, nor dissappear. Could be conflicting software, broken hardware or virus.

To monitor temperatures, install hwmon64 and 'Run as administrator'. Though I don't think this is a temp thing.

To unplug cables from motherboard, you need to push open a little platic clip which holds the connectors in place



Once I did notice radeon software lost recording and streaming option for some reason.

I did not activate windows I will in future. I use legit windows installation from microsoft site.

Ram I have in my pc:

They should be same only name is new I think.

I will do more testing and come back with update.


I think @MADZyren is correct and I think problem is connected with ram working at 3200mhz.

I did not reinstall gpu driver. I did disable xmp and let witcher 3 run 3-4 hours and there was no crash and after that I did turn on xmp and ram now work at 2933mhz and played 7 games of dota 2 and still no crash.

Im not sure 100% but I think problem is when xmp is on and my ram work at 3200mhz. I will try mem test and bios update so I can keep ram working at 3200mhz. Maybe I will try test with 2 sticks working at 3200mhz. Maybe 2 kits of ram are not same as I thought and more testing will be needed.


Running four sticks is more demanding for memory controller. 

What you could do to use all four sticks at 3200 (maybe even more) is:

1) (Use XMP as baseline) Increase memory voltage from 1.35V to 1.375V or even 1.4V (I would not go higher to be safe). This alone might fix it.

if not

2) (Use XMP as baseline) - install one kit, go to BIOS, check page with memory timings and take pictures or write them on paper

- remove first kit, install the other, do the same thing

- compare numbers. higher numbers are looser timings. write down loosest timings from both kits.

- install all four stick, go to BIOS, manually set these loose timings and see what happens.

Now try what is the highest stable clock. I would likely try 1.375V while you are at it.

My bios build date is 06/09/2020 and bios version E7C02AMS.370

dont know how to see agesa version

ram voltage is 1.372v but I did see jump to 1.376v for second few times.

I did find one user with same board having bdos with 4 sticks and he said bios update did fix it for him.


Your BIOS is ancient

Having both single rank and dual rank sticks is not a good idea as someone else mentioned. I didn't even know they make small (8gb) dual ranks. Usually large ones are dual rank. Optimally you should use exactly identical sticks, but often different type work too. It's just that single vs dual rank are so different, it is likely going to affect performance. I would probably just get two more identical single rank sticks and sell the dual rank ones. When used alone (only 2xDIMM in one machine) they offer better performancethan single rank ones if clockspeeds and the rest are the same.

Of course you can try what I recommended. Set memory voltage to 1.375-1.4V, check those timings and manually set them. I don't really know how this kind of mix performs though.

I think all 4 of my sticks are dual ranks. In older bios versions B450 tomahawk couldnt change cpu vcore voltage idk for ram voltage. I think I will flash bios first just not sure which one to pick.


Yes. Set BIOS to default (no XMP and I would remove the other DIMM kit for maximum stability during BIOS flash) and flash it first.

I use Asus boards so don't know where memory and CPU voltage settings are, but I'm 99.9% sure they can be changed in Tomahawk. Finding those settings can be more difficult depending on manufacturer or you might have to disable some automatic setting first.

Found these:





It is that DRAM Voltage. Likely go to AUTO, hit Enter, type in or scroll to value you want to use (1.375 or 1.4)

Look for if they are single rank memory kits or double rank ones? 
Ryzen (and Intel) IMC can normally handle only up to 4 ranks total (up to 2 per channel), if you place more than 4 (it will be 6 and 3 per channel) you will get max. frequency degradation from increased load on IMC.
8 rank setup is hardest to work with

If I not mistake they are dual ranks. but one kit is on motherboard qvl list and msi did test  4x8 at 3200mhz.


Sure, but there ARE 8GB dual rank sticks (and **** them, i had one kit like that, completely unupgradeable without penalties as a fact).
So he may get 4x8, but with dual ranks mixed in, making it 6R or 8R setup even with 4x8 sticks. And it will be much worse than 4x8 1R sticks (4R setup). And i bet testing was made only on 4R setup.

If I am corect stick of ram with dual rank will have black  chips on both sides of stick?

Well hyper x predator look good with big black heatsink and it was cheap and it was on qvl list so I thought its best option. I did understand 2700x have problems to work with ram speed higher than 3200mhz. On internet all did say no need to go over 16 gb of ram so I got 2x8gb 3200mhz predator. After playing warzone I did see ram usage can go over 16 gb. So I wanted upgrade and got one more kit 2x8 and I did watch hardware unboxed or gamers nexus videos where they show gain from 4 sticks of ram for ryzen 2000 and ryzen 5000 cpus and that will be my future upgrade so I thought its my best option to go with that ram kits.


These are both single rank DIMM's (1Rx8):




No need to buy anything new

What I said before about voltages and timings should work

Yes. Basically dual rank have chips on both sides of DIMM. They also use B1 or B2 PCB layout (single rank use A1, A2 or A3 PCB). And often, B2 PCB is black coloured.

Problem isn't RAM capacity, that's dumb to think about, as i have 32 GB (2x 2R 16 GB sticks) working at 3800 mHz, but rank amounts by themselves. And benefits of increased performance also not linked to 4 sticks compared to 2, but 4 RANKS compared to 2
Basically it reduces gaps in between data bursts, where delays and precharges are happening, but switching to different rank/dimm. But increasing ranks also increases load on controller, and with going over some number of ranks (usually 2 per channel = total number of 4) you must reduce frequency to even run memory. 
To be fair, even by themselves 2x2R or 4x1R configs are less stable than 2x1R... It is just RAM nature. So they rarely can achieve same frequencies as easily. But they are still much higher than 6R or 8R setup would require to be stable. 

You even have specific for that timings in BIOS called "tRDRD_SD/tWRWR_SD" for 2 ranks on same DIMM, "tRDRD_DD/tWRWR_DD" for different DIMM. there are also "tRDRD_SC/tWRWR_SC" and "tRDRD_SCL/tWRWR_SCL" but they are for same bank on one rank, and same chip access delays. Basically if you have 2x2R stick DD timings won't work, and if you have 4x1R sticks, then SD timings won't work. 

To be honest you can try to stabilize memory by manually turning on 2T/GDM mode on it. 2T is less punishing than GDM, but GDM gives more stability. Ofc. there are performance penalties, but at least you may not require frequency reduction to make it work. 


P.S. got 6 hours of spam flooding protection


Still no crash and gpu driver is stable with xmp profile for ram set to 2933 mhz. That did fix problem without need for gpu driver reinstall process.

One member of amd community did report windows updates messing with gpu driver same as me and he have 6700XT STRIX same as my gpu. But he have x570 and 5800x3d and agesa and his ram is set to 3600mhz but he didnt say more details. So problem should not be about old bios and b450 because he have x570 and new bios. I did think  memory controller could be problem or my ryzen 2700x or old bios but now I think problem is not there.

User on reddit did report amd gpu driver problems with 5700XT STRIX

Maybe its true what guy on reddit said. Maybe amd gpu drivers are sensitive to ram oc but again all 3 cases are with strix gpu.

Is AMD aware of this? Expert from AMD should investigate.


I am now ready to investigate more.

I did update bios to agesa with m-flash function and I did turn xmp profile back to 3200mhz. I did have one blue screen and pc restart after bios update not even in game but after that all is good and I played Warzone 2 and Sekiro with no problems.

I will now wait 15 days to see will problem come back.

If problem is not fixed with new  motherboard bios I will test all 4 of my ram sticks and I will follow instructions from @MADZyren.