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GPU driver keeps timing out: "Display driver amdwddmg stopped responding..."

I have 4 displays of various resolutions connected to my graphics card. When using applications with GPU acceleration on multiple screens the driver crashes.

For example, when I have my web browser (Vivaldi) open on my primary display and Windows Task manager open on another display and then move my cursor as I browse, the driver crashes. This happens multiple times a day and sometimes crashes follow each other; so I'll get a crash like 5 seconds after the previous one. I also see visual artifacts when watching YouTube videos. Sometimes videos stop playing and reload and if they don't then the browser tab crashes and I have to reload it.

Other applications that this has happened with include Google Chrome, VS Code, Photoshop, DaVinci Resolve, and File Explorer (especially when transferring files from one folder to another). This happens in games as well.

When looking at the Event Viewer, I see this error "Display driver amdwddmg stopped responding and has successfully recovered" but it doesn't tell me what caused the error.

Here are my specs:

CPU: 5800X
GPU: RX 6800
RAM: 32GB @ 3200Mhz
MOBO: X570 Taichi
PSU: Corsair 750W

I've tried installing older drivers, turning off GPU overclocks, turning off custom PBO settings, reinstalling drivers with DDU, and disabling GPU acceleration on browsers and other software. Nothing worked.

Any help from anyone is appreciated as I'm seriously considering getting an Nvidia card.

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Adept II

Fix for hardware accelerated apps crashing radeons since 22.5 ->

Adept I

I have been experiencing something similar to this as well on an Asus G513QY aka 2021 ROG Strix G15 Advantage Edition. My temperatures that I am monitoring in HWiNFO are fine, I have run memtest86 and passed that 100%. GPU drivers up to date, vbios up to date.

Specs are a laptop with 5980HX CPU, 32gb of RAM, and a 6800m GPU.

I have this laptop connected to an external display, and while playing Escape from Tarkov I will occasionally (maybe once per day or every other day) lose signal to my monitor and the laptop just sits there at a blank screen. I can still hear audio. When I restart the laptop, my connected monitor no longer gets a signal. When I open GPU-Z, I see 0mb for memory and 0mhz for clock speed. It is as if the drivers get completely blown away. I have to run the AMD driver cleanup utility and then reinstall the drivers when this happens. Afterwards, GPU-Z sees the GPU properly and I can continue playing until it happens again. I then have to go through the process of driver cleanup and reinstallation which is a pain.

Here you can see what GPU-Z shows after one of these crashes and I am unable to connect to my monitor with it like this, not to mention it probably wouldn't work with games either.





Hi. Have u tried using DDU. 


I know you're not asking me but... I tried using DDU, disabling MPO and other things and never worked. My AMD GPU card died a month ago...


Here were my findings. I had used the AMD cleanup utility and reinstalled the drivers several times.


I have this almost exact symptom. Dont have solution but next time this happens, try to disable and reenable the device trough device manager. Again not solution, but this step is faster than installing the driver.

I havent found solution yet.

Adept III

From what i ve heard that guy already said its not from the driver its from the user who bought from used gpu that was using it for mining. Why they send to that guy if it still new?..some of them use 12.12.1, this driver for 7k series not 6k series. I already use 22.11.2 for almost 2month. I dont get any problem. Back b4 i use rx 6700xt and always had a crash and i tot that was becos of my gpu but its not. It stable after i disable my xmp and manually clock my ram(set to low from oc clck 3600mhz to 3400mhz). Im not sure if this related with SAM issues? Amdwddmg and some file related always cos the gpu crash. For now my games crash it was becos of the games i just need to verify and always fix. This is from my exp since i use 6k series.  


Throwing my 2 cents here - I do have an AMD GPU and I also get driver timeouts but none of those solutions matter simply because it happens on a laptop (sic!). Graphics obviously soldered, same as RAM. It's a 2 month-old T14 gen 3 and I had more issues with it already than with over a decade old T420/T430. Freezing screen, followed by laptop hanging, issues with coming out of standby and others. All related to drivers.

That said, it's rather impossible it's a hardware fault because someone used the GPU in mining.