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Adept I

GPU crash when playing 3D games with 5700XT

Hello , I have install 5700XT graphic card yesterday and use DDU to clean my old drivers, then install  the latest driver 19.7.1.  , motherboard is ASUS ROG strix X470-F Gaming , bios version is 5007, which is the latest too. 

Normal use was fine,like watching videos, playing steam games. But when I playing Apex Legends for a while, my screen no longer refreshing, mouse cursor  still working, discord chatting still working, cannot using Task manager to open or close applications, the only way to reboot is pushing the restart button.

This is 19.7.1 driver problem or some of my hardware is not compatible? Anyone has the same problem?


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The fact this is happening under prolonged use likely at high percentage usage of the GPU, leads me to think it is thermal issues.

According to a couple of review sites these things run hot and in some tests have shut down due to heat. I have seen in the reviews saying there are two believed causes. One is the blower cooler itself is not adequate and many sites are recommending waiting for 3rd party boards. The other is a believed driver issue that is causing overheating even in menus in games. Antony at LTT figured this out and said that AMD did replicate the problem after he reported it and it would be fixed in an upcoming driver. Not known how soon that would be, but I would bet not too long.

Being a new card I would not accept this and would either exchange, return or RMA it. But definitely talk to AMD about it. I would not let your oportunity pass for a return IMHO. As 3rd party boards and the drivers by the time those come out will hopefully fix these issues. That being said while I appreciate the tech, advancement a price point of these new products they also should not have these issues. So if AMD can't make it right, wait for a soon upcoming product that does. That would be my suggestion.


so, if 3rd party cards drivers work fine , can I use that for reference card?


Reference cards and 3rd party AIB partner cards will use the same AMD drivers.

As a workaround for freeze, try the Win+Ctrl+Shift+B trick to reset graphics until new driver fixes.

And if you have any 3rd party oc/fan control/monitoring apps, check to see if they have been updated for the new cards. If not uninstall them as they may cause conflicts. 

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I didn't say 3rd party drivers work fine. I said there are known issues with the drivers that may contribute to heat and that AMD is working on an update to the driver. I said that 3rd party card makers will likely have better cooling solutions on their cards. 

Adept II

I agree with pokester that the issue may be due to heat, as I experienced a similar issue to yours.

I re-installed the Radeon drivers and enabled the screen overlay on my 5700XT.

after 30 minutes of gaming my GPU reached 88C, I gamed for 15 min longer and noticed it reached 89C then the screen went black. I could still hear sound and the rest of the PC was operational. I opened the case and disconnected the HDMI cable then reconnected. My screen came back on and the temp dropped to 86C.

My 50TH anniversary edition card is gorgeous but unfortunately it is not doing as well on cooling the GPU.

All other functions besides gaming my card runs below 37C.

Update: fresh install with Win10 1903 ,close windows update and use DDU  ensure no other driver was installed. Display driver from AMD website(radeon software version 19.7.1), chipset driver from ASUS website, now it work fine when playing Apex and other games. 

from redcisco :

 My 50TH anniversary edition card is gorgeous but unfortunately it is not doing as well on cooling the GPU.

All other functions besides gaming my card runs below 37C.

You can use Wattman to change fan speed control to custom , the default full fan speed was limit to 50% for less noise but it may cause high temp when GPU runs in high load.


If you do try a custom fan speed with these cards know that many complaining that is causing additional issues. There are a couple thread with many users complain about that to. That issue likely will be resolved though with a future driver update. 

Journeyman III

I am experiencing the exact same issues (Apex Legends first glitching out, UI/interface/HUD elements disappearing and other stuff and then screen freeze, can't do CTRL+ALT+DELETE, only option is to power down computer by holding power button the computer itself).

It almost certainly is a driver issue. I had an RX 480 before (19.6.2 drivers) and it was no problem whatsoever in Apex Legends. RX 5700 XT only has 19.7.1 driver and it's incredibly unstable, deteriorating over time, radeon software settings becoming blank and unresponsive etc).

It happens more with RTSS frame limiter or any kind of monitoring software, but also happens completely stock without any third party or even first party monitoring.

Well, I did some troubleshooting by DDU uninstall, put back my RX 480 in my computer and clean installed 19.7.1 and I started having same artifacts/glitches in Apex Legends (monitor also went purple during install). I then DDU uninstall and clean install 19.6.2 and it's no problem in Apex Legends.

I'm not sure about this situation. No word from AMD is concerning. I'm really thinking about returning my RX 5700 XT unless there is a response within a few days.

There is an incredible amount of people who are experiencing issues like system crashes, hangs, freezes, unstableness with 19.7.1 with all sorts of cards (Polaris, Vega, Navi).

Very bad. Need response from official AMD spokesperson.

Adept II

When you install Adrenalin 2019 Edition 19.7.1

Make use of their in house monitoring software. Default (Radeon Overlay) hotkey to bring it up is Alt+R

I do not believe it is a temperature issue, since AMD GPUs are known for high temps.

Adept I

IT IS NOT A TEMPERATURE OR HARDWARE ISSUE!!!! I hate so much AMD for this cr ap AGAIN. Starting from 19.7.1 games crash cause of gpu hang! Its driver issue. Got Vega 64 same cr ap was before 19.5.1. Now its back with 19.7.1 and 19.7.2. R ee ta rd coders!!! If my will i would fired all this god daa mn id iio ts. TY AMD for pain in the a s s, again, ruined matches, ratings and waisted time. 

I think you meant "Coding Challenged" :-)