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GPU Crash Report Questions?

Is it possible that the Catalyst has a conflict with WattMan...

Which causes your VRAM or Video Memory to reset, & not work right...

Which in the end causes your PC to Crash...


Think about it for a sec., the Crash Report states that the Crash is related to a Memory problem...

& the GPU runs at max, even under idle state, & it makes noises...

So what i'm thinking is, this Memory issue on your Computer, is not your Base RAM Memory,

but it's your VRAM Memory thats, causing all of this to happen...


So if AMD releases an Update that fixes WattMan, so that we can change, or alter it's settings, & save the changes,

VRAM Memory is one of those things... So with this Update, it should fix everything wrong with your Computer & GPU's...

What do you guys think?

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Re: GPU Crash Report Questions?

I think that you have a strange way to write and explain what you are trying to explain...

Btw, here we cant solve your issues...

And some of them are not new...

Try from here AMD Issue Reporting Form

And to explain. On community forum we can only try to help you to troubleshoot some issue, we dont fix them, so use the link above, so AMD devs can do something about it.


Re: GPU Crash Report Questions?

If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck....chances are high it is a duck.

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Re: GPU Crash Report Questions?

Use MEMTEST86 to check desktop/laptop Memory and OCCT to test GPU card with errors. This will test the VRAM  of the GPU card.

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