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Journeyman III

GPU crash or something like, I have never seen anything like this before tbf

Hey! So, I bought my new GPU in September. Everything worked perfectly fine, no crashes, no overheating, nothing until the last week. Then all of the sudden while I was playing some games, my monitor went black, I could hear the game, people could hear, but I couldn't do anything since my monitor went black So I had to hard reset my PC, and after the reset everything worked just fine. I thought it was a "one time random something", but then it happened again, again, not on the same day, but the next or the other day - It doesn't really matter. After like 4-5 "crashes" still no idea how to call it, I've decided to try some new drivers for my GPU. I've at least tried 3 drivers, (recommended, newest, and another newest, since it got a new driver) nothing has really changed. Then, I've started to try using less power from my PC, what I mean is, no browsing while gaming, Teamspeak3 instead of Discord, and tried to close everything that could use my PC and it seems like it somewhat fixed my problem - I haven't noticed this "crash" YET.

So of course it is not the way I'd like to use my PC, I'd like to use it however I want, use a browser if I feel like that while gaming, get back to Discord etc etc.

PS: After a "crash" my windows sometimes deletes my GPU driver "Sometimes" means: It happened twice after like 15 crashes.

So I'd like to get some kind of help, what could cause this problem?

My setup is:
r5 2600x
Rx 6600
16Gb ram 3200mhz
Zalman ZM 600W power supply - I've been thinking that it could cause all of this. It is the oldest part of my PC.

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Hello, yeah looks like power supply problem. Did you check windows event to see the kind of error that occurs?