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GPU core clock speed decreases as GPU usage increases

I have tried old or new video card drivers. When GPU usage is 100%, the GPU core clock speed decreases. My external video card has this problem. I run games in a high-performance profile. I don't play games with batteries. Plug in the adapter and play continuously. When the game settings are low, video card usage is reduced. GPU core clock speed is 1000MHz when usage is low. When graphics card usage increases, the GPU reduces the core clock speed to 500MHz. There is no problem with VRAM clock speed. The VRAM memory clock runs at 1500MHz. The FurMark test uses a 100% graphics card, the graphics core clock speed is 578MHz. The computer also does not have heating problems. The graphics card reaches up to 65 degrees. BIOS version is up to date. All drivers and software are up to date. CPU usage ranges from 20% to 40%. Processor temperature 65 - 70 degrees. The processor operating speed is between 2 GHz vs 3.6 GHz. 


System information


Windows 10 64Bit (1909)


Processor: Ryzen 5 2500U Vega 8

Graphics: Radeon 540

Storage: 1TB HDD

RAM: 4x2 DDR4 2400MHz

BIOS Version: 7VCN47WW

AMD Software: 19.12.3

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