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Journeyman III

gpu and cpu issues.

All I wanted to do was play some modded baldur's gate man. Just had three green screen crashes with in the last two days. The first two where caused by I would believe me updating my AMD Radeon RX 6600 XT's Drivers to the latest version so I could play bg. (cause for some reason the game would not launch unless I did.) But at the same time, I also had to do a windows update at the same time. So it could have also been that, idk.

The third crash however was when I decided to downgrade my GPU's drivers down to 23.10.2 from the latest. This time, instead of causing a clean green screen crash, it did a green screen crash into the American Megatrends bios menu. saying that my CPU was running too hot. 

I have since dusted off my pc as well as re socket my CPU chip and give my CPU fan and chip some new thermal paste as well as re socket the CMos battery on my mother board. And as of right now, I am too afraid to launch any sort of game as when I do, my screens flicker and then crash with said green screen. If there are any pc gurus out there with any sort of advice as to how I can avoid these crashes, I would very much appreciate it.

Update, the green screen issues still persist when I launch a game.

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