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Journeyman III

got a new 6650XT, installed latest AMD software, no PC will not boot into BIOS

PC was working well with the installed RX580 and amd software from Oct 2022. Got a 6650xt for xmas, installed latest software drivers with the new card installed, screen went black upon restart of PC and no longer have any display on monitor. Using Display Port connection on 6650xt to display port on Dell 27" monitor-result black screen and no way into BIOS that I know of. 

Disconnected the 6650XT from logic board, tried Display Port from logic board to Dell monitor, result black screen and no way into BIOS that I know of. 

That leaves me with a running PC, no video cards installed, all hard drives disconnected from logic board and Display Port cable to Dell monitor still connected yet no image on screen and the monitor could not find a signal.

Even cleared CMOS by removing battery from logic board.


I don't know what else to do

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What is the wattage and Make & Model of your PSU, Motherboard, CPU, and GPU card?

When you first installed the 6650XT and had no video output during POST, did you let it to continue to boot up by observing your PC HDD LED light?

If it is booting into Windows you will see your HDD LED Light flickering or on solid. Also you might start to get video output once Windows starts to load.

But if your PC doesn't go past POST and stops the booting process then you need to find out what is causing it.

You can by observing your Motherboard's Trouble LED lights or Digital Codes. If your Motherboard doesn't have any of those then you will need to install a PC SPEAKER to be able to hear the BEEP Sequence to determine where your Booting process is failing.