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Adept II

Global tuning settings getting overridden by game tuning profile

Take this as a bug report. This happens since I've updated to v19.12.2

I'm using  Performance - Tuning - Global Tuning - Fan Tuning - Zero RPM - Enabled

So my RX 570 keeps fans turned off under desktop load, it works, no problem here, BUT

once I run any game that has pre-configured game profile with Zero RPM set to Off, the profile settings override my Global Tuning settings. So after leaving a game the Global Tuning profile keeps fans active. I have to manually switch Zero RPM - Enabled each time.

Is anything I can do here to make global Zero RPM work properly?


Also turned out 19.12.2

1) cause screen tearing in some of my games.

2) minimized to tray, barely active Radeon Software: Host Application constantly consumes at least 12% of my Ryzen 2600.


This is unbearable I have to roll back to 19.12.1

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