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Journeyman III

Gigabyte RX 5700 XT Green flickering ERR12 Monster hunter World

Hello everyone, hope you're have a nice day.

After deciding to pick Monster Hunter World back up after a year and a half I've been experiencing some new issues I hadn't before. I keep on getting green flickering and flashing all over the screen and the game just crashes after 20 to 30 minutes with an err12 message showing.

My specs are:

Ryzen 5 3600

RX 5700 xt


3600mhz ram.

Driver version I've tried to fix it with: 20.9.1, 21.5.1 and 21.5.2.

I've tried tweaking all the settings, dx11 and dx12, different fps caps, different monitors, vsync on and off, 3 different driver versions, all resolutions (720p upto 1440p), with amd radeon software on and off. Temps won't go over 75°c so I don't think it's the card overheating either. I'm on my wits end right now because i really want to play the game, and after doing a factory reset and trying all the things above again I just can't seem to get rid of the problems.

My question is, did/does anyone have a fix for this and do you/they know how to? Is anyone else having this issue? My thanks in advance!

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