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Journeyman III

Gigabyte RX 5500 XT OC 8 GB freeze pc with triple monitor setup when playing youtube videos

I just got a replacement after RMA'ing the old one, and issue still persists, so i'm starting to think it's a driver issue.

Basically when i play multiple youtube videos on a triple monitor with a video running on each monitor, all videos running only at 360p, within 4-20 minutes, the computer freezes up, images frozen on screens, mouse not responding, sound running in the last half a second of audio in a loop, blowing your eardrums out. Only thing that will bring the computer back is hitting the reset button. It only crashes with 3 or more monitors, works fine with two monitors.

Its running on an intel i5 10400f.

I tried changing the powersupply to a bigger and better Coolermaster 700w, (normally using a Kolink 600w) issue still persists, computer worked perfectly with a Geforce 1650 for a month during the RMA wait time, with all three screens running 4 videos on each screen(12 in total).

I have spent like weeks scouting all possible solutions, and tried absolutely everything you can find on the internet, Everything!.  Tried all kinds of adrenalin drivers, with/without adrenalin, mobo and chipset drivers, clean windows install, swapping monitors(i have alot), swapping cables, swaping inputs, removing all periphals from computer, undervolting card, activate the fans to always spin on the gpu, reducing gpu by 5% and many many more things.

Can anyone with a similar videocard or if we are lucky someone with the exact same, and a triple monitor setup, test this out on their part? run a youtube video on each screen for like 50 minutes, dosn't need to be HD you can run them at 360p, if it dosn't crash, then reboot the system and try once more.  Because on rare occasions it dosn't happend, but if you reboot then suddenly it crashes, and keeps crashing.

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Journeyman III

So it also happends with 2 monitors when there is video playing only on the monitor running on DisplayPort, if there is video running on both screens, then it dosn't seem to crash(other monitor running on hdmi) after some time of running the video.

Also if you edit video with adobe premiere it crashes instantly when using 2 screens. keep in mind that this is the second card i get after returning the former which we thought were defect. and it dosn't happend with geforce video cards, tried second psu.

I'm running on an Asrock  410 motherboard btw.