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Journeyman III

Getting (MSI) AMD Radeon RX6600 to work on Open Suse Leap 15.3

Changing from Nvidia GTX760 video card to (MSI) AMD Radeon RX6600 on Open Suse Leap 15.3I have run OpenSuSe for many years, through many version upgrades and a few hardware ones too.Since Leap 15.2/15.3 I've had a bunch of issues:
  1. I've lost my second screen
  2. Plasma keeps crashing with a segfault
  3. Everytime I did a `zypper up` that involved a kernel upgrade or an NVidia upgrade, the next boot would dump me at the console - where I'd uninstall the NVidia code, then reinstall (sometimes with `zypper`, from the repo and sometimes downloading their latest `.run` file from Nvidia's site)
It's getting to be mighty frustrating and is a massive regression from recent UI stability and capability.
Nothing I've done, including upgrading from 15.2 to 15.3 has made any difference.I started thinking I'd go for a graphics card with fewer issues than Nvidia on Linux and one that's mid-range but more up to date. After some research, I dicovered that AMD used open drivers and are Linux compatible. The one I bought is the MSI AMD Radeon RTX 6600 which is apparently compatible with SLES SP15.3 - which I understand is binary compatible with OpenSuSe Leap 15.3, hence my confidence that it would all just work. It hasn't!
I have:
  1. uninstalled all the nvidia packages
  2. downloaded and run `amdgpu-install`
  3. force installed `xorg-x11*`
  4. I changed the permissions (uncommented the line) in `/etc/permissions.local` to allow `/usr/bin/Xorg` `root:root` priveleges
  5. I did put in the USB Leap 15.3 install media to see whether that had better luck than me. It got as far as loading basic drivers and dumps me an ASCII UI, with the message `your computer does not fulfill all requirements for a graphical installation. there's either less than 96MB memory or the X server could not be started`I
  7. 'm at the limits of what I know and could really do with one or more of **concrete things to try next**, **encouragement that someone else has this card working on Leap 15.3** (or even SLES SP15.3) or **a known better place to post my question**


[There's something about the `setuid` bit on Xorg, which I've not yet tried. In my current state, I'm worried about screwing up my machine.]

Many thanks in advance for the help (and hopefully lack of flaming)
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Adept I

I'm running into the same issue and even installed kernel 5.16, to no avail :'(

Did you finally resolve the issues you were having and get this to run on Leap 15.3?