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Journeyman III

Getting green bios screen after driver update



This is my first build. Everything was fine, but when I updated the gpu, the opening restart screen (the initial 'MAG' image from my MB) and bios is green tinted. Once it goes to windows, its fine.


It oddly seems to not happen on my 1080 monitor, but my 4k tv seems to have this. Without the updates, the problem is gone.

B660 bazooka 




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Journeyman III


I built my first one too, exactly the same problem with 6700xt

Bios and boot logo  green and on the right of the screen enlarged 

But windows is fine

Annoyingly though it was on a 4k tv as you

I will wait for my 27 2k monitor to arrive and i will let you know . 

Many have suggested its the screen not agreeing with the updates

Switched also to csm bios instead of uefi but same problem, even flashed the motherboard bios to new version

All same

Soon i will tell you whats up