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Adept I

gamma setting

with the new driver 16.5.2 is gamma settings moved or removed or gone as in a bug ?.

I see you all moved the color temperature which fixed one problem with radon additional setting not loading on start up now they seem to but were are the gamma setting what that 's gonna do it force me to play in full screen mode in wow and not windowed full screen mode that makes alt tabbing terrible unless i leave it in windowed full screen mode then it's to dark .

I found some gamma setting but I'm not to sure that's the best way to do it you all  moved it to the calibration setting under display settings in display the problem now is they still don't load  on start up with windows and i have to run the calibration every time i adjust my gamma annoying and worse then before .what a pain that's going to be why not just leave it direct access to the colors and  gamma so  for now i went back to driver 16.5.1 and yes additional display still don't load right on start up. even with driver 16.5.2 the new way still didn't work for me . OFC i have a work around for that I put that exe in a start up folder then they  load with a annoying popup every time windows starts up but it's not as bad as dealing with it because i forget to load in additional display setting before i do anything i use them for.

Still no KEY BINDS ?