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Games really laggy with new radeon update!

Im currently on amd driver version: 18.10.2

Alot of games lag when i am on this version!

Should i roll back or upgrade to the new amd driver?

I have a rx 580 8g

Thanks in advance!

2 Replies

Use the one that works for you. If you are not having issues there is no reason to update or change your drivers.

I have an RX580 and don't find your drive or the new one to be lagging. Not saying they are not for you. I can offer that you will only know if you try. I would, since you are having issue. Download the latest driver. Run DDU from safe mode, disconnected from the internet, restart still disconnected from the net. Then install the new driver. Then restart with internet.

Please note that every time you update a driver, the shader cache is refreshed for that game. This can be a few minutes to several times playing the game that may seem laggy but ultimately should go away.

If this does not fix things then Kingfish's advice is certainly sound advice. Use the driver you found to work.