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Games look frozen in window mod

Hello ,

I would like to know why some unreal engine 4 games in window mod(either regular or borderless) look like frozen using Adrenalin 2020 20.4.2 , in window mod i can hear sounds from in-game from menu interaction but picture is not updating its like its missing refresh rate in this mod, i assume this cos when i alt tab game does update picture by 1 frame ,and that's for majority of games that run on unreal engine 4 , is there some windows 10 update that is needed for unreal engine 4 to work correctly in window mod ,if there is please tell which so i can download it

My PC: Phenom II x6 , 6gb ram, Radeon rx470 4gb red devil

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Sounds like you graphics driver is hanging. Set your Power Limit slider in Radeon Settings to its maximum. For that card, it is likely +25 to +50 range. Whatever is the max try that and see if it helps. 


No , didn't work , did put power slider to 50% , full screen works(worked before change) ,window doesn't


If an earlier driver worked for you then return to the driver that worked for you. Use the factory reset option when installing the driver. 

Report the issue to AMD, likely it is a driver bug: 


The only version that worked before was Crimson 16.12.2 any other version gave me BSOD , so i waited for adrenaline 2020 now i don't have BSOD  but i have this one with window, and doing that i lose ability to play other games smoothy or even run some

that report thingy doesn't work at all , i mean contacting trough that is pain , i never got replay form anyone when i asked trough that option


I have an RX580 and the 2020 drivers are a no go for me. I would try the last December 2019 19.12.3 driver. I have no problem with that one. 

Can't get it on the AMD site, but guru 3d has it here:   Download Windows 10 64-bit driver

Run DDU from before trying to install. Run it from safe mode and follow the instructions. Install the driver while disconnected from the internet. I do still recommend you set the Power Limit slider to it's max. It tends to help Polaris stability.