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Games keep crashing to Desktop after 20 minutes of gameplay


Pretty sure this is a common problem for ppl that use the Rx5700 XT, cuz I made some research myself. But srsly I lost all my hope. So I built my Pc last week and immediately the problem was there, only able to play some minor Games like CS or Minecraft without them crashing, Games like the new Tomb Raider or Overwatch always keep crashing after a certain amount of time, no matter what graphic settings. I have a Motherboard with PCI gen 4 x 16 slot and one with x4. Yesterday I connected the GPU to the x4 lane and did some minor power settings to GPU with Radeon Software and CPU with Bios. After that the games kept working, I could play Tomb Raider and everything else without even a hint of a problem. So I thought the problem was with the Pci port and the GPU, read that you should change it in bios to Gen 3, so I put it back into the x16 slot and changed it to Gen 3, while undoing some of the power changes and the problem was back. Decided to put it back into the  x4 lane and undo the bios changes and now the problem persists even tho it worked yesterday.

My specs are

Ryzen 5 3600x                                                CPU

Sapphire Rx5700XT nitro+                             GPU

600W PSU Thermaltake                                 PSU

16 Gb Corsair Vengeance 3200                      RAM

Gigabyte Aorus x570 Elite                               Motherboard

In my opinion it has sth to do with the PSU and GPU not getting enough voltage, but it worked 1 complete day, so my next guess would be it has something to do with the Amd drivers.

I already reinstalled drivers, tested my Ram, cleaned registry and so on ( the basic stuff) but now, nothing seems to work, I play for 20 min and it throws me to the desktop without an error.

Id really appreciate help with this matter

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