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Journeyman III

Games Crashing no error win 10

Hi so i built a new pc with the following parts:

Ryzen 3 2200g

Gigabyte b450m s2h

Patriot viper 4 3000MHz 8gb

Corsair cx450m

So the problem is i can play a game for example apex legends for a few minutes say 10-20 and then it will crash with no error or anything(this doesnt happen while much action is going on ) i can then boot into the game normally again.This really ruins my game experience so if you think you can help me pls do :).Also happens on other games aswell such as

Rise of the tomb raider or cs go and only in games and not other programms such as unity or visual studio.

Thanks in advance

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Adept II

Re: Games Crashing no error win 10

How about mate very good day, I had a similar problem about 2 weeks ago, since then I can not play on my pc, install radeon software, my pc stopped detecting my GPU when it was previously detected and played and streaming Very well, I will tell you the situation: amd is currently presenting many problems both in its drivers and in general software, as there are compatibility errors with windows that have not been solved since the beginning of the year. That the key is the great update of windows and wait a while for new drivers or new software to be released this in order for amd to be able to remember the errors that its components are presenting globally, so my dear friend, the key is to wait for that, about a month, since I very much doubt that one or two weeks will solve this serious problem in general, also taking in when to world situation today.