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Journeyman III

Games Crash on Direct X, Work fine on Vulkan

This problem has so far spanned 2 GPUS, 2 Motherboard, and 2 hard drives. the problem still persists. Original build was bought off marketplace with a R5 1600, MSI B350 Tomahawk, and an R9 290. Since than the GPU has been switched for an RX580, the Motherboard for an MSI B450 Gaming Plus, and as I've said 2 new hard drives and several fresh and reinstalls of windows. Tries DDUing the drivers for both cards forwards and backwards multiple times, crashes still happened. Made sure the PC was on the correct version of Direct X, and reinstalled Direct X for kicks and giggles, still didn't work. As I've said, done both reinstalls and Fresh installs of windows on both the old and new hardware, problem persisted. Games will run normally in Vulkan, with no crashing stuttering or anything that would show a sign of a problem, but sure enough, you load up Fallout 4 and with in 20 minutes the games completely crashed. Games will crash on any version of Direct X, whether it be 10, 11, or 12. As of right now the dude is just running games in Vulkan where he can and crossing his fingers where he cant. If you have any ideas or possible fixes for the issue at hand it would be much appreciated.

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