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Game recording videos: dropped frames?

5800X, 6800XT, v22.5.1, 1440p, Win10 x64

When recording a game (Ctrl+Shift+E), irrespective of what resolution/fps/video bitrate I select, when there's a lot of activity in the game, the video recording (play back) will freeze for that portion, until there's less "going on" visually. Even for super low resolution videos (ie 720p, 30fps.).

The game play is unaffected.

VLC media information shows "Dropped Frames" for every freeze. Doesn't matter what I use to play back the .mp4 video file.

I can still hear the game, so audio recording is unaffected.

I can't use HEVC because that causes the game to crash (repeatable, known issue). Switched to AVC, but now I have a this new problem...


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